It’s so sad to know that people aren’t thrilled to see you with stretch marks. This common skin default is usually not acceptable, and depending on its seriousness can be disgusting. A lot of people out there have different stories to tell about stretch marks, the purpose of this article is to give you a breakdown about stretch marks and answer the most frequently asked questions, sure as;

  • What happens to stretch marks when I lose weight? 
  • What can help me get rid of my stretch marks?
  • What product is best to help remove or make my stretch marks look less disgusting?

What happens to stretch marks when I lose weight?

There is no instant cure to get rid of all stretch marks. Like scars, they fade away gradually. some treatments like visiting a dermatologist, or any skin treatment that can be applied from home can make your stretch marks less disgusting. Visit a dermatologist to check if they would propose an in-office process like; ultrasound, radiofrequency, laser therapy,chemical peels, micro-needling, or microdermabrasion in other to make your stretch marks bearable to the sight. “In-office treatments are way better than home remedies for the removal of stretch marks, it would give you a satisfying look but remember this process isn’t magic no process is,” says the board-certified dermatologist.  lovely skin CEO Dr. Schlessinger says “No one treatment will yield great result but a mixture of different treatments can give a satisfying result. In general, though, stretch marks are not going to disappear totally, and it will require time to get better, I  recommend you start home remedies as soon as possible before you run out of time.

 Hyaluronic acid & retinoids such as tretinoin can be us as tropical treatments. Reports have it that these products have improved the appearance of stretch marks. Moisturizing agents or brightening creams can also help stretch marks look less noticeable, makeup is another good way to cover stretch marks.

6 products that can improve the appearance of your stretch marks.

  1. Phytomer sea tonic stretch marks firming oil. As reported by those who used this product 77%of their stretch mark was gone, 97% of their sink look firmer within the space of two months.
  2. Strivectin SD Advanced Plus Intensive Moisturizing concentrate. After 4 weeks of use, it was observed that this cream helps in fading stretch marks. This cream can also be used as an anti-aging treatment.
  3. Replenix smoothing body lotion. Because this smoothing lotion has retinol for cell renewal & hyaluronic acid that help in skin hydration it help in reducing the appearance of the skin.
  4. Glytone exfoliation body lotion. Because of the presence of glycolic acid collagen production is stimulated, it helps to remove skin dead cells, smoothen and soften the skin and most of all reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  5. Revivaderm  Revivascar Stretch Mark and scar Cream
  6. Dermablend and body lotion.

For more information about scar and stretch mark removal visit the website site.

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