Cheerleading is a very beautiful sport but quite demanding and comes with its risk. Cheerleading has moved beyond chants and waving of banners by some beautifully selected girls, it has fully integrated a bit of gymnastics into itself. Athleticism and skills now required to perform at this stage, as many new maneuvers are brought in, so does all manner of injuries follow them. Some of these injuries can even be career damaging for the involved person. Knowing how to be safe and keep yourself in one piece during the exercise of cheerleading is key to having a beautiful performance.

Why it is important to monitor your safety

Cheerleading is a very daring sport. There are dangerous flips and heavy falls, a little mistake here and all manner of life-threatening injuries can be recorded. Cheerleaders can land on their back or even sustain injuries in their ankles or neck during the exercise. Maintaining safety and following precautions is key.

Safety tips for beginners

Always make sure that you are in good shape

Cheerleading is not just some dancing club for boys and girls. Acrobatics are involved, therefore, athleticism is needed. You need to be able to quickly make swift moves and turns and also weigh less. Being out of shape exposes you to a lot of injuries as this might even reduce your speed and ability to make turns. Always maintain diets outlaid by the coach, if there is none, source for your personal use.

Warm-up before a competition or Practice

Do not just jump in straight to cheerleading once you get out of the changing room. Always take some minutes to stretch yourself and warm up your muscles. Suddenly stressing your relaxed muscles can lead to tearing or damage of tendons. Slowly reactivate your body and muscles by doing a warm-up before you start.

Enroll in gymnastics lesson so as to improve skills

Cheerleading is not a place to learn gymnasium or improve your skills, it is a place to showcase them. Beginners are advised to enroll in gymnastic programs, where they will learn new skills and keep themselves fit. This helps prevent injuries during cheerleading.

Always take care of your injuries

During the course of cheerleading, you are bound to encounter injuries, some might just be a little inflammation or pains. In cases like this, first aid Gel can be used to treat. If the injuries are too serious or persist, inform your coach and see a doctor, playing through the pain is not advised.

  • Always make sure to use perfectly fitting gears. Lose shoes and items of clothing can lead to slips during movement and poor grapple for your teammates.
  • Always work on the minor stunts first before moving to the more difficult ones.
  • Always attend practices or competitions with your own simple first aid kits in case of minor injuries. Bandages and first aid Gels are the basics to be included in your kit.


Always speak with your coach on your progress and any issues you might be facing with regards to cheerleading. Visit the doctor when you have injuries, do not wait till they become life-threatening. speaking with your coach on a diet to follow is necessary to avoid eating disorders.

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