In kids and children, some patterns or bad habits occur over and over again. This could include behavioral issues, nail biting, hitting, or other nervous habits. The only way you could break this habit is to create a block to the nerve pathway where that habit is kept, and to disrupt the connection of the action and surrounding circumstance that causes the kid to have these habits. It is necessary these habits be broken before they turn into part of their personality. It will take some new habits and education to relearn better behavior.

Is the Habit a Problem?

You need to have these thoughts in your head as an elder sibling, a parent, or a guardian. Does the habit of your kid need to be broken? Do you need to intervene? Can you let the child grow and pass this phase?

At times if you let these kids be, they end up growing out of the habit after it has self-destructed with time. If you intervene too much, you might just make this bad habit worse. Nervous habits in kids could be their way of retreating and resting from the expectations and pressures from their world. If you take away a stress reliever that is used to help the child rest, you could bring forth something way worse.

If you want to take care and overcome a bad habit, these are ways you can handle this properly.

Removing the causing trigger

What things make your child bite their nails, twitch, bang their head, or grind their teeth? It could be because the child is angry, tired, bored, nervous, and maybe a combination of all of these. Make sure you try to adjust the environment of your child to get rid of the causes.

If the negative habits started after you brought new factors to the child, then you should get rid of those factors for your child to grow better in ways you would prefer.

Should you confront nervous habits or let them self-destruct?

Does the nervous habit socially or physically harm the child, or is it a little problem that you can ignore and it’ll soon be a thing of the past? Making your child cautious could make that little thing a big problem. Simply focus on the triggers if it is a little problem and before you know it, your child will have a breakthrough. 

If it is a huge problem, help your child get involved in the control of this habit, because only the child can break it. Try to know if your child is bothered by this habit and know what caused it. It will help you both in the long term.In addition, there are natural ways to help calm your child, including deep breathing, exercise, meditation, counselling, supplements, and aromatherapy. Try essential oils diluted with water in a kid-friendly diffuser to help them relax. Or, try the convenient A+ Attention KidSafe Essential Oil Roll-On by Plant Therapy for relaxation support to break nervous habits while on-the-go.