As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, college students have been forced to take classes online. A lot of them have been demanding a decrease in their tuition fees for no in-person instruction.

As you would have guessed, guardians, parents and even students who pay for their tertiary education themselves would feel much better if they got a decrease in tuition fees. This is because life is as difficult as it can be, and a reduction in the price they have to pay for their child, or themselves would make their lives a little bit better.

The calls from these students have been getting louder. The petition movements that have been crying out for this decrease increases by the day. They demand a 50% reduction in the price of tuition, or a 50% refund. Some of these protesters have gone to the extent of sending lawsuits to force colleges to send back part of the money paid for tuition.

The Demand of College Students, Parents and Guardians

They have a very simple demand. Because the amount of money the colleges pay in giving lessons, using online courses is way cheaper than those paid for face-to-face lectures. The student’s simple demand is for them to get back the difference in the cost.

From the experience of someone who has graduated and the experience of people learning through online lectures, the feeling and experience are completely different. That is not what they signed or paid for. At the end of the day, they have already paid for the service of being taught lectures face to face in their university lecture rooms.

Typically when you don’t get the specific service you paid for, you need a refund or some sort of payment for you to feel better because of the type/quality of service you would be getting.

Issues from the Reduction in College Tuition Fees

Honestly speaking, it is not that simple. Going to college is not like doing laundry or getting meals from a restaurant. The students pay for a completely different service, a different experience, and a brand new type of lifestyle.

The decrease in fees has not been satisfied by a lot of universities. And yet lots of students still push for refunds from their past payments.

But when you think about it, which mode of teaching has been producing students that know what they are being taught properly? Do you think it is better or worse, if yes or no, by how many percent? These are things the students, parents, and guardians need to look at. Like everything related to issues academically, not everyone is the same. Some students would be doing better than others using these online lectures, while some wouldn’t be enjoying it.

Do you think these colleges should reduce the tuition fees and refund the students back on previous payments?

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