What is STEM? 

The word STEM is a acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

According to the United State Department of  Commerce (U.S DC), STEM profession grows at the rate of 24% while other professions grows at 4%. STEM certificate for academic holder have higher income even in careers no relating to their field. STEM places a significant role in maintaining strength and stability in the U.S economy, and are extremely important part for the U.S. to win the future. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics create great thinkers,  increase knowledge on science, and make room for future creators.

Innovations sustain an economy because it is the creation of new products. These creations can only be achieve by a strong knowledge on the foundation in the STEM area. 

Certainly, in the nearest future most job requirements Will be an understanding in mathematics and science. Even with this awareness math and science grade of students within America and other countries are falling behind. How can the value of STEM education be increased.

Importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education: 

STEM education is vital because it spreads through every part of our lives. Science can be seen in every part of the world(surrounding). Technology is slowly spreading into every area of our lives. Engineering is the reason for road and bridge constructions, it also deals with the challenge of global weather changes and an environmental warm changes to our home. On the other hand mathematics can be seen in any profession or everything a person engage in.

By introducing students to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and engaging them on STEM activities they will become passionate about STEM and probably seek for a job in a STEM field.  A syllabus that is STEM-based has practical section to help students  learn.Making math and science pleasurable and engrossing for student, programs like Engineering for children will help a child see how STEM can be applied in our life. These activities can create a spark of passion in a child to seek for a job in STEM field. 

Faced with the benefits and difficulty in becoming a more interconnected world there’s importance in science and technological products. To survive in this new age of highly technical society student need to develop their ability in STEM to surpass what was considered great in time past.

STEM education provides student with a very solid foundation to enable them have broad knowledge, understand and survival skill in any industry.

STEM education breaks gender discrimination. It’s invitation has been extended to women and minorities to increase their roles in STEM domain. STEM education and career must  be the top priority of any Nation in other to survive in global economical competition. To every decision we make stem is use to understand the consequences of our decisions.

In conclusion for the United Nation to remain in power STEM education is of extreme importance, you also need STEM education to be among the high income earners of your country.

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