Go, Team! Try These High School Football Signs Ideas

These high school football signs ideas will encourage team spirit and connect the game to the audience.

Making a high school football sign goes a long way than just writing quotes. It brings about team spirit and connects the football to the audience in a lot of ways. To make a good football sign, you need slogans, Mottos, and sayings which bring the game to the audience.

To make a good football sign, you need to get quotes with attitudes and quotes that speak about your team and what you have to deliver. You also want them fun and easily understandable by watchers and something not too long or too short to build up the energy. Putting them on a sign and waving them around lets the crowd know what to expect. Chanting it with your fellow players can also be a confidence booster.

14 Basic High School Football Signs Ideas

Some good sign quotes for your sign include the following:

  • We’re all in this together.
  • We are the team your mother warned you about.
  • That’s how we roll.
  • One team, one goal, one dream.
  • We can’t back down.
  • We won’t back down.
  • Only champions in the game.
  • It isn’t the hours you put in, what what’s put in the hours.
  • The greatest game won is the one won from within.
  • The harder you work, the harder it is to lose.
  • Play hard, play smart, play together.
  • What time is it? Winning time.
  • One for all, all for one.
  • A team above one and one above the team.

7 Inspirational High School Football Signs Ideas

Inspirational football slogans are also a good high school football sign ideas. These include:

  • Champions stick together and play as one.
  • Play like a champion.
  • New year, same dream.
  • Don’t plan to succeed, work to succeed.
  • It doesn’t matter how you start, it matters how you finish.
  • Work hard and PLAY harder.
  • Winners train, losers complain.

Developing a Good High School Football Philosophy

High school can be a difficult time for anybody and those who seek solace in football should always have a philosophy. This helps you believe in just about everything your quote says and also creates a good team spirit. Some of these include:

  • Always say yes coach to let your coach move on.
  • Respect your opponents.
  • Respect your team members.
  • Respect your coach.
  • Respect the field.
  • Be collectively responsible
  • Ensure freedom of expression.
  • Appreciate how far you’ve come work towards how far you need to go.
  • Don’t disgrace the name of football.
  • If you don’t work towards your goal, no matter how talented, you are doomed to fail.
  • Football is more than just a sport.
  • Your attitude, commitment, performance, and respect says a lot about you as a person and a player.

All these high school football signs ideas can come in handy as a pep talk before a game and a lifestyle after one. Football should be a place where everyone can come together and be one. This is a reason why high school football signs ideas are great at improving team spirit for not just you but everyone that is part of the game such as cheerleaders and even your coach.

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