What are the benefits of teaching young children sign language?

I am sure a lot of parents would agree that early parenting would be a lot easier if babies could just say what’s bothering them. The constant crying can drive parents to the brink of madness. If only babies could tell you where they are hurting or when they are hungry.

One solution to this problem would be to teach young children signs that they could show to indicate certain things. Dr. Gellner discusses why you should teach young infants sign language before they start talking. In the discussion, Dr. Gellner states that there is a large gap between what toddlers and older babies what to want to say. Babies as early as eight or nine months old can use sign language to express themselves. It should be noted that babies will only be using gestures to express their needs. They will not .be learning sign language completely.

Major concern parents might have is,

Will learning sign language  hinder my child from learning  how to speak

 The answer to that question is no. Some studies conducted have shown that babies who communicate with their parents using a combination of speech and gestures develop larger spoken vocabularies. Children who practice expressing themselves with gestures at a young age become better problem solvers as they get older.

The use of gestures and sign language also helps the parents become more close and develop stronger bonds with their children. They will be able to understand what the baby needs helping them grow closer.

Sign language can help parents better connect with the minds of their children.

The next question is when to teach sign language and how to teach it.

When starting sign language with your baby watching videos on different and easy signs to teach your child. Watching educational videos meant for helping children under gestures helps too as children learn from what they see. Also, try reading books and literature to further understand the behavior of your child. Another very good tip would be to watch your child closely as babies tend to exhibit some gestures on their own as they grow up. Some of these gestures may have been from them watching you all the time as children are visual learners.

Constantly repeat the sign you a trying to teach them daily, eventually, they will pick it up. Make sure you keep it simple to enable the child to learn and understand quickly. Also, try talking to other parents to see what signs their children understand faster, see if any works for your child. Remember the consistency is the key and very soon you too can have a peek into your child’s mind.

Sign language can be a fun and nice way for parents to communicate with their children. It also helps improves their understanding of the things around them faster than normal.

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