When your kids are growing and flowing through the adolescent age, that’s when I’m sure you have noticed, they become very stubborn. It’s like nothing to tell them passes through their minds. I’m sure you have asked repeatedly what type of parenting style I should use on this little boy. The answer to that question is Authoritarian Parenting. To carry on with this article, I would settle and explain what authoritarian parenting means.

What is Authoritarian Parenting

This refers to a High way or My Way parenting style. Here rules are made without collecting input from other members of the family. These rules are available because the parent says so. There isn’t any room for discussion or explanation. 

Authoritarian parents at the end of the day do not show so much affection or warmth to their kids. Instead, they use very harsh punishments to make their kids comply with everything they state because they would be afraid of the punishments that come if they fail to do so. 

If you are the parent of a teenager, there are benefits to this parenting style. This gives them the security that there are boundaries and proper limits. 

The issue here is that there isn’t any avenue for you and your stubborn teenage kids. They would not be comfortable telling you about their concerns. You could be scared because you would have no idea what’s happening in your child’s life, and trust me when I say this is a horrible place to be. 

The other issue with this parenting style is that it does not allow your child to develop the self-confidence and self-esteem they would need to function as an adult properly. Because they don’t receive positive feedback or praise from you. Kids of authoritarian parents grow up to have feelings of inadequacy or feelings of fear. When they become adults, this makes things harder than it already is. 

My thoughts on all of this

I grew up with authoritative parents. Both my parents had set out rules, and I lived with my aunties growing up. I noticed the high amount of punishments they received when they refused to follow the law set out by my parents. I do not like punishments at all. So I grew up to learn from watching my parents punish my aunties when they did wrong or did not follow their rules. The thing is that it all depends on the type of child you have. There are some kids that no matter what you do, no matter the style of parenting you use, it would still backfire. You need to be calm; you need to listen to them. You need to let your kids know that you love them and always be there for them. It would help if you let them know that the rules you set for them are for their good. You want no harm to come to them. 

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