Many parents do not care about the mental and emotional needs or their children’s health, or the young ones. A lot of adults even. Not just parents. Today I’ll be talking about the mental vs. emotional health of kids. How you can deal with it and how you can manage it. Let’s begin. 

Things you should know on the mental and the emotional health of kids around you 

At ages five to nine 

At this age, your kids would have higher control of their emotions, and they would learn how to become more self-confident. They would also learn how to close up and hide their feelings making use of coping strategies. They would also know that the actions and the things they do affect others around them. They also know that their routine and structure have a preference, and then they would learn how to be independent in getting all of the things they desire. 

They would also learn how to step into the shoes of someone else and know how it feels. 

If you are with a child or kids this age, you will notice that they want to spend less time with their parents and enjoy and have fun with kids their age. You need to help this beautiful kid increase their self-esteem using warm reinforcement of self and positive types of parenting. Make sure you do not compare them with other kids their age. Try to help them handle and manage failures. You should also gather encouragement and give advice whenever your child comes to you about moral questions like taking the thing of someone without asking for permission or cheating in an exam, or saying something that is not true. 

You need to help your child think and help them handle various feelings of anger and happiness in very safe ways. 

It would be best to teach your kids these age-positive relationships and respect between other children and the child. 

You should also talk to your child about their friends, their feelings and about school as much as you can. Understand that with time, the level of independence your child will change. It all depends on the situation and the circumstances. 

If you don’t want your little one to shut you out, you need always to give them a listening eat. Let me tell you my story.Right from before I could remember, I have always wanted and craved independence. I grew up in a home with my aunties, and at times, my uncles would come to visit. So I never really had my space, and I was always in a group filled with different people, you know. I had to fight to get my independence. Give the kids around you that independence at an early age so they would always open up to you and tell you all you need to know before it’s too late. So when it is actually time for them to leave, you can be right there by their side.

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