This piece will be talking about visual journaling. Stay tuned and enjoy. 

Visual Journal Definition 

A visual journal resembles a traditional journal; the only difference is that, instead of just writing entries, in this case, you end up making use of things like magazine cutouts, photographs, clippings, doodles, hand lettering, sketches, and drawings. It is a collection of all of your ideas, thoughts, feelings in visual forms. 

Does one need to be artistic before one can keep a visual journal? 

This question is like asking if someone needs to be a writer before they can keep a journal. Not at all. All you need is your visual journal to reflect what you are thinking and how you are doing. That is pretty much it. It is for you. It is all for you. It is not something that should be criticized, compared, or judged. Anyone could keep a visual journal. It does not matter if you are an artist that is skilled or you have never drawn anything since you left elementary school. 

Why do people need to keep visual journals? 

People take up practicing visual journaling for a variety of reasons. Practicing visual journaling is exceptionally personal. The reason people practice visual journals is specific to individual visual journalers. 

Here are some of the few reasons why people enjoy keeping visual journals. 

  1. Keeping Visual Journals has a way of letting negative emotions flow away. 

In the same vein, like when you have a problem or something horrible is happening to you, you talk about it with a friend, and you end up feeling better, visual journaling helps release negative emotions. It also helps whenever you have a problem. It also allows people who have issues to understand a problem they face and helps them get solutions. This also lets our mind entirely focus on drawings, which helps us calm down, slow our thoughts, leave us mindful about our surroundings, and witness and process emotions as they surface in various ways. 

  1. It is a fantastic chance for one to practice being vulnerable

A lot of us try to ignore or suppress our emotions to try to appear strong or resilient. Though it could help one feel way better in the short term, having such a mindset could be detrimental to one in the long run. Taking up visual journaling has also forced one to handle and practice being vulnerable regularly completely. 

My thoughts on Visual Journaling

I don’t know how to draw. I don’t know how to paint. I handle my emotions, especially the negative ones, in very different ways. But I envy people who keep visual journals. You get to have a piece where you can settle and then see it and remember, “Hey, I passed through this phase and I’m alive” that phase did not conquer you, but instead, you conquered the stage. End up making you a very proud, happy, and content human in the end. So try it whenever you get the chance alright.

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