At this moment right now, I do not know what a Custodial Parent is. But I would be learning what and who they are with you. So come on. Let’s learn what Custodial parenting is already. 

Custodial Parent Definition 

A Custodial Parent refers to a parent that stays and cares for a child who is a minor for every form or type of physical custody. For various physical primacy custody. This is the opposite of a non-custodial parent. A non-custodial parent could have a minor child, but that child stays with them for a limited period. The Non-Custodial Parent has that child only in visitation. Some parents split their physical custody equally, and then they could be in a joint custody arrangement. In both cases, they would be known as custodial parents. These arrangements are all made with the consent of both parents through custody courts and lawsuits. 

Physical custody here is entirely different from legal custody. Legal custody refers to a parent having the right to take on essential decisions about and for a child. Custodial parents who have sole custody physically and those who have sole legal custody are deemed to have complete sole custody. They do not need to be consulted when it comes to matters that require decisions to be made. Custodial parents could instead share the custody of a child legally with a parent that is not Custodial. This is also known as joint legal custody. This also means that the parents need to converse with each other on significant issues for the child. It doesn’t matter who the child lives with. In either case, the Custodial parents are typically required to follow the court orders regarding the parent that does not have custody over the child. These include facilitating the amount of time a parent would visit or taking the child to a place without complete and utter approval. 

My thoughts on Custodial Parents 

The case of having parents who would have custody or not mainly occurs in broken homes or broken families. Families that are not broken, families that have parents living together, families that are not separated by the law do not stress Custodial parenting. But if you are from a broken family, then this information is quite essential to you. You need to know all of the implications and what it means to be a Custodial Parents and what it means to be a legal one. Both parents have every right to a child legally. But when it comes to custody, you would need to settle down and dig it in the courtrooms. Battling it out in the courtrooms is very important for you to have and take care of your kid. Mothers prefer and enjoy having custody of their children because they feel they can take care of them better than how they would be cared for by their fathers. I hope this article helped because I have learned a lot. And I am sure you have too.

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