Have you just overheard someone talking about enrolling his child in a charter school and you do not know what he is talking about? Well, there is nothing for you to worry about because this article will give you a detailed answer to what a charter school is.

A charter school is a public school that operates independently and is free to design/arrange classrooms to meet the needs of its students. Any charter school you see is in a contract agreement with an authorizer of the charter school. This authorizer is usually a university charity organization or government agency. The authorizer will hold the charter school responsible for the standards that have been summarized in their “contract”.

There are over seven thousand charter schools today, and they are all unique generally, both in and out. Some of these schools follow the curriculum of STEM, some incorporate the art into every subject, while college prep is the focus of some. Charter schools can be found in rural and suburban areas, and a majority of them are in cities. Some of the charter schools make use of two languages in teaching their whole curriculum, some require uniforms, and some have longer days of school. There are endless possibilities, but the aim of charter schools is that there should be a variety of options for parents so that they can go for any public school they feel their children need.

Why most parents prefer a charter school

Parents choose these schools for their youngsters for unique reasons. One of the reasons why they prefer this school is that it has dedicated and strong teachers. Another reason is that the focus of the school matches the needs of their child, or maybe because their child needs to try a new thing as he/she was not finding it easy in public school assigned to them.  With charter schools, families can have a wide range of options that can allow a parent to be active in improving the education of their child.

The reasons behind the controversy of charter schools

Since the 1990s when these schools were formed, political coalitions have supported them, with different opportunities seen by different groups. A lot of progressives are happy with the fact that every family, both rich and poor, can choose a school for their child. A lot of conservatives also like limited control of the government and also the competition in the market. Many people have shown their support for charter schools, even some of the past presidents of the United States of America have also shown their support, including Trump, Obama, Bush, and Clinton.

Charter schools have various critics. For instance, some people do not like the fact that public funding as well as students that would have attended a traditional public school are being attracted by charter schools. To some other people, they are not happy that in some states, charter schools can be operated by for-profit organizations of education management. Some are worried that there is no public control or transparency, and that charters are yet to fulfill their promise.

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