When your child starts preschool, it is a new beginning for him/her. Most times, some parents usually ask themselves if their children are actually ready to begin preschool. As soon as your toddler starts preschool, it will take just a few months for him/her to know new friends, gain independence and confidence, and also learn new things. If your child starts this early, then you are already setting a path for him/her to succeed in later school. But, we cannot still deny the fact that it is not easy. As babyhood begins to disappear, there is every tendency that both you and your preschooler will have some mixed feelings of emotions: sadness, excitement, and even apprehension.

Preparing your toddler for preschool might not be so difficult as you would have expected. Just exploring, reading, and playing together can help your young one to be ready to start preschool. There are so many interesting family activities that can also help to prepare your child for preschool, including working on board games and puzzles, going to the library, or taking a stroll to observe nature. Ensure that your child engages in different kinds of playful, focused, and quiet activities. Build some amazing motor skills with beads, color some things, or make use of playdough together. Doing all these already means that you are preparing your child to resume preschool.

Preparing your toddler and also yourself emotionally for preschool may need more effort. Here are some important ideas that can help you with the process of getting your child ready for preschool:

Tips for preparing a young child for pre-k

  • Make a visit to the intended preschool: Prior to the time that your child will start, visit his/her classroom, and also meet the teacher. If the school posts the schedule of the class, show it to your child. Discuss things that your child would expect during school hours. Let the child know where his/her personal items and backpack would be kept.
  • Read Books: Devote time to read preschool books with your child. Some of the best board books for toddlers are as follows: “You are Light” by Aaron Becker, “Blue hat, Green hat” by Sandra Bounton, “A Little Stuck” by Oliver Jeffers, “Black and White” by Tana Hoban, or “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle.
  • Act the scene: You can prepare your kid for preschool by also making use of what he is fond of to act an imaginative play. Act as if you are a student that is about to head for school; hang your backpack and have your seat for group/assembly time. Make some simple snacks, play games, and read stories. Coach your toddler on some social skills, teach him/her how to join a play, get a person’s attention, or take turns. Roleplay with puppets.
  • Teach your child some self-help skills: Your child has to learn how to be independent to an extent when he/she starts pre-school. So, you should help him to know how to do some things, like putting on socks and shoes, making use of the toilet, making use of utensils, and also washing hands.
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