Education is more than just the basic learning of how to read, write, and make calculations, it is learning that everyone has a voice and developing the courage to use that voice.

Education can be a very powerful tool of empowerment for a lot of people in a lot of ways. It could be as simple as overcoming shyness by learning to speak up in a classroom or as impactful as carving a life path from the experiences shared in the classroom.

Whatever the impact is, it is undeniable that to empower through education has one of the greatest impacts in the world. That being said, here are ways to empower through education.

3 Ways to Empower through Education

Offer More Time for Discussions and Idea Development

When people have discussions among themselves about a particular topic, it brings up different points of view which may either counter or agree with the one they already have. Allowing more time for discussions helps people to explore these opinions in-depth and get to understand the reasons why other people think the way they do.

It helps them to give allowance to the opinion of others recognizing that not everyone has the same thought patterns as they do. In-depth discussions also allow for learning from each other and it enhances the memory not to talk of helping to understand how to agree with other people.

Allow Space for Expression and Creativity

Often, society and life, in general, tend to shut down the ability for people to be creative and to express themselves. Education creates an opportunity to reverse this role. It can allow the freedom that is required to explore one’s creativity and be expressive.

Allowing people the freedom to express themselves helps to develop and build self-confidence and self-esteem that would help guide them in life. The freedom to be creative also helps to explore talents and skills that would otherwise be repressed.

Allow Room for the Non-Conventional Methods

A lot of people are used to following through with conventional methods not necessarily because they believe or have faith in it, but because it has been so ingrained into society that going against it just seems wrong. Education should allow room for people to try new methods and unconventional methods.

While some may fail, some may succeed beyond expectations and may just go on to create a leading mark in their field. Allowing this room helps people to understand that they do not always have to think and act within the confines that they find themselves, sometimes, they need to explore uncharted territories in order to find something that is undiscovered.

Being able to empower through education is something that we need to see as a means of helping people to grow and learn to take a stand and speak up for what they believe in.

The need for people to ensure that their voices are heard in society especially in things that concern them directly or indirectly is important and through education, not only can the power to speak up be granted, the courage to do so can also be developed.

Getting a PhD in Education can help you better empower through education. If you’ve ever wanted to teach, check out these tips to get you started. Good luck!

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