Creative writing for kindergarten garners so much attention due to its importance of artistic development for our kids. This makes it imperative to get tips on how to go about it. There are several ways to go about stimulating creative writing in young kids. These are tips for the teacher, as well as for parents and their kids.

Here are some tips on creative writing for kindergarten.

9 Tips on Creative Writing for Kindergarten

1.     Encourage Creativity Over Structure: To aid creative writing for kindergarten, it is advisable that you do not focus so much on the structure of the writing. Avoid as much as possible to enforce proper sentence structure, because this can stifle creativity. Try to encourage kids to write freely and not restrictively. The creative content should be considered above the form of the write-up. Humor is also acceptable and even encouraged. It may help to share some kid-friendly school jokes to spark their creativity!

2.     Encourage Expression of Emotions: Creative works are often the expressions of emotions. Encouraging the kids to channel their emotions into writing is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. This can lead to the creation of exceptional writing.

3.     Encourage Observation: Kids have a lot to learn about their surroundings and the world. When you get them to observe their surroundings, they glean ideas from the world around. This stimulates creativity, when they write their observations down and you can see how creative the observations are.

4.     Stimulate their Imagination: Kids have an almost limitless capacity to imagine things. Kids fill-up the blanks in their knowledge of the world with imaginations. Encourage this and get them to write down what they imagine. This is creative writing.

5.     Interest Writing: Kids often have interests; there are things they love and would enjoy writing about. Get them to write about those their interests and ask them to write about their interests from various perspectives. This will stimulate creative writing.

6.     Encourage Reading: They say that “readers are leaders,” but readers are also creative writers. When kids read a variety of creative works, it can enrich their minds and stimulate creative writing. They also get examples of how to write creatively, and this continuously improves their ability.

7.     Dramatize: You can dramatize concepts, stories, and ideas to kids. They can also act out stories and ideas before writing. This will give them physical representations that they can draw from while writing.

8.     Using their Senses: You can encourage kids to use their senses creatively.  They could close their eyes and describe an object. You would then see the creative ways they would write about the object.

9.     Videos: You can play videos that show the benefits of creative writing to kids. Interviews of prominent writers can be shown to kids, as this will encourage them to write. Videos could serve as visual aids to familiarize kids with creative writing as well.

Teaching creative writing is fun and engaging. If all the tips we explored above are used, you and your kids should notice tremendous results.

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