Tips for Teachers: How to Teach Kids Cleanliness to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

We shall talk about the tips which teachers can use to educate kids about cleanliness in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a highly infectious disease that has the capacity to spread very rapidly where a lot of people are gathered within a small area like the school bus, classroom, and places of worship, to mention but a few. So a lot of care must be taken by teachers and kids to make sure the spread of the virus is contained or controlled.

Kids especially are most vulnerable to the virus, because they are naive and are easily exposed to the virus.

We shall talk about the tips which teachers can use to educate kids about cleanliness in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Being an Example

Kids learn when they see their teacher doing what they have taught them. The face mask is a recommendation to curb the spread of the virus, and therefore, kids above two years forward are advised to wear face masks.

So a teacher who wants to really educate these youngsters on how to prevent the spread of the virus must be an example by making sure he or she is always on her face mask for the kids to emulate. It will be very easy to instruct kids to wear their face masks when they see their teacher doing the same thing. So a teacher must be an example to command 100 percent compliance from the kids.

Songs and Demonstration

Songs are excellent ways of imprinting knowledge into the memories of kids. Most adults may forget where they were ten days ago. They can even forget the clothes they wore seven days ago, but it will be very hard to forget the nursery rhymes they learned many years ago when they were in school.

The whole idea is to keep them informed about the virus so they can protect themselves apart from the other measures put in place to protect them. So the preventive measures like wearing of face mask, physical distancing, regular washing of hands, and sneezing into the bend of the elbow should be made into a song with a demonstration by the teacher for effective communication between him or her and the students.

By so doing, the kids will be able to remember all the preventive measures to keep themselves safe from the spread of the virus. If they forget anything, all they have to do is sing the song, and they will be right back on track.

Kids must be guided continuously to prevent the spread of the virus among them. High-contact surfaces must be frequently cleaned. They must be instructed to avoid such surfaces like the doorknob and also avoid sick people around them.

When they are healthy, then they can reunite. However, there are some things kids may not be able to do for themselves, which will require an adult to do for them. With the two tips above, any teacher can teach kids cleanliness effectively to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among them.

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