Our memories work pretty well with our brains, which could easily be compared with the power of digital drives. The human memory is known to hold up to 2.5 petabytes of information, which is about 3 million hour’s worth TV shows. But retrieving all that knowledge and information is a different ball game entirely. From this article, you will see a list of the best memory games that could be used for studying.

5 Games for Studying

1.     Crossword Puzzles

When you want to stay on the go with a logical exercise as a game for studying, crossword puzzles should be the best choice. It is known that crossword puzzles have shown a correlation between a person’s habit and studying patterns. Getting better in crossword puzzles would help you study, understand and remember things better. Thus making crossword puzzles one of the best games for studying.

Alternated crossword puzzles help to also enhance your memory while studying. They keeps your brain engaged and triggers forgotten memory.

2.     Shopping Games

Think about mentally cramming the things you need at the supermarket. For example, you need juice, eggs, and milk. You could peg them in your mind with short words. This would let you remember them faster and would also trigger memories for you while studying. You could use the same techniques while studying. By pegging the words in your mind and shortening them. This way your mind grabs the long notes faster, and before you know it, you’re done studying

3.     Jigsaw Puzzles

If you want a game for studying, try jigsaw puzzles. They are a great tool, especially when studying for a test or an exam. Because your memory has to sort through different colors and shapes, it needs to get the entire picture. This shows the essence of jigsaw puzzles.

Dopamine is also released as you click correct pieces using the jigsaw puzzle. And with higher amounts of dopamine, you’ll be more concentrated on studying.

4.     Multitasking Video Games

Video games increase your level of concentration. This is because you react to a stimulus. This can improve your working memory, especially when you are in the middle of solving a difficult problem. This also helps your mind and memory stay concentrated against distracting thoughts.

5.     The Suitcase Game

You have a group of friends and you are all studying for a test or an exam. The suitcase game is the best game for you all. The rules of the game are for the first person to decide they are going out with a suitcase. Then they pick an item that goes with them in the suitcase, and they all continue picking and must say out loud everything in the suitcase. The person loses when one of them forgets the last item that was added in the suitcase.These are the best memory games for studying. Also check out our additional study tips for visual learners!

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