Teen parenting is one of the hardest tasks to carry out. Monetary, physically, psychologically, emotionally, and otherwise, you need to be present in these areas, and sadly, not everyone has the luxury of time or energy to get fully involved in their child’s life. This is simply because nobody gives a teenager a pre-knowledge of what to expect from parenting at such a young age. Coupled with the stressors and expectations of teenage life – from getting an education to teen hormones to experiencing relationships to finding a job, being a teen mom is very hard work. That’s the sole reason why we keep finding teen parenting stories everywhere.

One Young Mom’s Story

Talking about teen parenting stories, let’s hear Ashley as she shares the story of her experience as a teen mother below.

“… My life was the beautiful one every teen dreamt to have. I had access to the best clothes, shoes, happiness, family vacations, freedom, and what have you.

I turned 17 earlier this year. My life took a turn when I got into a relationship with my ex-boyfriend Alex. Alex had portrayed himself as a gem, which I was indeed so lucky to have. He was popular and handsome. I believed wholeheartedly in him, so I gave my all to the relationship.

Just six months into our relationship, I found out that I was pregnant. It was so unbelievable, so I did what every same human being should do – called Alex. He hung up and never called me again. I told my parents who were so disappointed in me. Now I have an infant and am still living at home with my family as I try to pull together a job and figure out what to do after being kicked out of high school.”

Teen parenting shouldn’t be encouraged, as teens are not ready financially, physically, psychologically, emotionally, or otherwise, to be parents.

That’s a sad story from Ashley. I hope you find strength and heal as soon as you can.

In that regard, I’d be dropping a few tips for young mothers who are new to parenting. Shall we?

Tips for New Moms

Look to Elders for Advice

We can’t deny the fact that most times if we are to get something right, it’s better to learn lessons from a mentor. Your mentor in this case could be your mom, your aunt, a neighbor, or just someone who’s had prior experience raising children.

Love Your Child

This is a hard pill to swallow for some young mothers. They feel they aren’t cut out for child care at this stage of their life, so they abandon their child. This isn’t right. Please, learn to shower your child with all the love you can give them. It will give you joy as much as it will give them.

Acknowledge Your New Role as a Mother

Young mothers do this a lot. Why do you keep feeling as though you aren’t qualified to take care of a child? The moment you start acknowledging the fact that you are indeed a capable and loving mother, joy starts returning back to your life.

Live a Regular Life

Do not feel that you are less of a human. Treat your life well. Go out, have fun, mingle, live a regular life. Don’t cage yourself, but be respectful and responsible.

As a young mom, understand that you have an equal opportunity just like every other human that exists. Don’t let people’s snide comments weigh you down. Go out and win – for you and your child!

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