It is not only the duty of parents to teach teens about sexual health; it is also the duty of teachers and other educators to have a role in sexual health education. Teens are young adults who are strung with hormones. They are curious about and oftentimes attracted to the opposite sex. Of course, they are human beings, and such behavior is expected from people their age. This is exactly why teens should be treated with caution and properly given sexual education to guide them.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) should be on the cautionary list when teens are being schooled about sexual education. This is because STIs are widespread and very dangerous to their health. Therefore, they should be given lectures on STI prevention while being taught sexual education. 

STIs are very harmful and some can go as far as to result in infertility and other awful side effects. No one wants their child to go down the wrong path and catch an STI. This is why you need to communicate openly with your teens so they trust you and can talk about their fears or other concerns when it comes to the topic of sexual health and STIs. 

Here are a few ways you can teach teens about sexual health through STI prevention:

1. Let them know the key concepts

Having sexual knowledge does not guarantee STI prevention. While teaching teens about sexual health, learn to focus on the key concepts. 

  • Having sex without protection puts them at a high risk of getting STIs.
  • They can prevent STIs by abstaining from sex, and if they must, using condoms will prevent the risk.
  • Anybody can get STI if they participate or engage in sexual activities.

2. Testing is important

While teaching teens about sexual health, let them know that some STIs may not have visible symptoms and the only way to know they have it is by testing. Therefore, if they are engaging in any sexual activity, testing is important. Educators can only let them know places where they can go for such testing for free or at a good price. Of course, some places offer such services freely. This would help as lots of them will be curious.

3. Spread positivity on condom use

A good action a teen can take towards reducing the risk of getting STIs is to use condoms. Therefore, positivity about condoms should be spread, as they serve as protection. Let them know that abstinence and using condoms when engaging in sexual activities is the most effective way of reducing the risk of getting STIs, as well as unwanted pregnancies.

Emphasizing all these items will help teens to develop a positive attitude towards sexual health. Also, it creates an awareness in them and lets them see things from a different perspective.

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