There are a lot of young kids out there that don’t know how to read. This article would show you how you could use great teaching strategies to help these kids, and visual learners read better. 

List of Teaching Strategies for Visual Learners to Read Better 

You could write out brand new vocabulary 

You don’t need to be an artist before you support your learners. For example, you could write out brand new words and put in some new clues. You could do this by putting your speech parts inside brackets or underlining the stressed syllable. This would help your learners in more ways than you can imagine. 

You could make use of your whiteboard efficiently. 

For example, you could design roles in different board areas and use colors to organize information and ideas during a lesson. There are various tips on how you could get the best out of making use of whiteboards. 

Make use of graphs and charts. 

These would keep your learners engaged, help them understand information, and help them call it out the next time they see it. Of course, these would help in the articulation of their thoughts too. 

Have you tried using the following? 


This helps in the representation of series of events or tenses. 

Venn Diagrams 

This shows contrasts or comparisons. 

Inverted Triangles 

This shows the progress from general topics to particular ones. 

An essay or Story Planners 

These guides students all along the necessary steps needed for these tasks to be complete. 


You could use charts to list out the families of words. You could use them to add verb columns and use them to help your learners know the difference between adverbs and adjectives and fill them in as new words come in. 

Have you tried using flashcards, movements, or symbols? 

Alphabet cards which you’ve seen from schools, work with this strategy. For example, the letter A could be seen walking around by ants. Letter C could be the tail of a cat that shapes the letter. This way, the learners remember these things properly. So these visual cues help your Learners properly. 

Have you tried playing a flashcard game? 

There are several classic games which you could play using flashcards. Think about a memory or the heads of celebrities. Getting students moving or interacting with them and these cards using small pair groups helps in supporting your learners’ visual experience. They would prefer to interact and touch these great educational materials. It helps to make everything so much fun. 

My thoughts on Teaching Strategies for Visual Learners to Read Better

I have a baby brother who I need to teach all of the things I’ve written here. It would help him learn how to spell and talk better and fluently. And I know for a fact that all of these work wonders. These are all great ways to learn and to train anyone that wants to learn how to read better.

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