The pregnancy period reveals some of the most life-changing moments in a woman. Every act that takes place during this period should be done with utmost care to enable the child and the mother’s sound health until delivery. 

The second trimester is one of the most critical stages and it’s often advised that she starts engaging in cardiovascular activities to help her boost her chances of safe and healthy child delivery.

Let’s take a look at some of the second trimester cardio workouts that a pregnant woman should engage in below;

Stationary Bike Workout

Here are steps you can take to ensure that this workout becomes a success.

●      Start by warming up at least for 5 minutes. You can do this trying to run the pedal the best you can.

●      Try to fasten the rate at which you were moving on. Pedal for 2 minutes, at least.

●      Reduce your rate to at least 30 percent and ride for 2 minutes. You’ve just completed the first set.

●      Repeat this process until you are able to finish 4 to 6 rounds. Find rest for about 5 minutes at 40% of your best effort and then stop.

Repeat this step once a week or resort to healthy natural supplements such as Prenatal + DHA 300 by Zahler to help you effectively boost brain support and the development of your child.


●      Start by walking on a flat road/route. Walk at a 50% speed. Do this for about 10 minutes.

●      Locate a hill that has a slope. Walk for at least 10 minutes up and down the hill. Increase your speed rate to 60 percent when you are going up, and reduce it to 30 percent when you’re going down.

●      Move slowly down the hill and go back to the flat surface you started with. Maintain a speed rate of 50% for 10 minutes and you’re good to go.


Engaging in yoga is one of the safest ways to keep fit during your second trimester. While you’re at it, ensure that you are gentle with every activity that comes with it. Yoga allows you to straighten your muscles, decrease the chances of pregnancy pains especially the ones that appear at your lower back, and finally, it helps you to maintain your blood pressure.


One of the safest things you can do during pregnancy is to swim. This is because it’s the water, you don’t need to think of hard falls or subtle pains. It’s just you having the soothing feeling that the water gives you. Swimming helps you to enhance your strength and energy.

These are few amongst the so many cardio workouts a woman can engage in during her pregnancy. An important thing you should note is that safety comes first. Avoid roads with so many bumps. It’s going to help you reduce the risk of tripping and falling. Remember, in case you figure that you can’t continue working out, prenatal supplements should be your next option.

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