Choosing what type of school your kid should go to is a decision that should be handled with utmost care and attention. A school environment is where your child will spend most of their life, and it will have a tremendous impact on their personality. A lot of factors should be analyzed when choosing the type of school your ward will attend, be it Public or Private. 

Things such as the: safety of the environment, teaching staff strength, reputation of the school, facilities available to the kids, school fees, etc., should not be overlooked for any reason. It doesn’t matter where you live; choosing which school to send your kid can prove to be a challenging one. So, Public or Private school: what’s best for your kids?

 It’s wise to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both sectors.

Private Schools.

It is a widespread belief that private schools are more efficient than public schools, mainly because they are generally more expensive. Many parents, who can afford it, are more than eager to send their kids to a private school, even if it’s just for bragging rights.

    • They often offer more facilities.
    • There are different types like; Day, Boarding, Co-ed & single-sex that meet family values.
    • The teachers and children have a special bond.
    • More attention can be given to a slow learner.
    • Tuition fees are a must.
    • Teachers aren’t necessarily qualified.
    • It may not have special educational programs.
    • There is less diversity because only a selected few can attend.

Private schools sometimes focus more on making money than the well-being of the children, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that your ward might get the attention they require.

Public Schools.

Recent studies have shown that despite popular opinion, private schools are not better than public schools. But does that necessarily mean that public schools are better? Well, that’s still a topic of debate.

  • The teachers are better qualified.
  • More attention is given to core subjects.
  • Special programs can be sponsored.
  • There is way more diversity in the student population.
  • Parents have a strong involvement in school decisions.
    • The curriculum is more rigid.
    • The classes are larger.
    • There is a possibility of overcrowding because of the large student body.
    • The kids are less disciplined because the teachers can’t keep a good eye on them.

The new studies have shown that contrary to conventional beliefs, public schools go a long way in improving young ones both academically and socially.


Whether or not a school is ideal for your child solely depends on the needs of that child and your financial capabilities. Both the public and private sectors possess a lot that they bring to the table, and it’s highly advised to weigh them both equally when making a decision.

Do not be closed-minded to public schools because you never know; it might be just what your ward needs.

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