Not all parents enjoy the period of potty training since the child is just starting out. Potty training aren’t just what a child wakes up and learns in split seconds, a lot of hard work should go into it.

You can decide to make your toddler develop curiosity about potties, hence this article that contains a list of books that will help you and your toddler during this period,  and hasten the whole process for you. Hang in there, and find them out.

5 Potty Training Books for Toddlers

Everyone Poops! by Taro Gomi

It takes a lot of time for a child to adjust to this phase where they have to look at their poop after each pooping session. It’s even harder when you try to get them to understand that this did not just start, that they’ve always been Like this. So what do you do then? Getting and reading them this book by Taro Gomi is a way of letting your little one understand that they are normal, just like everyone else and everybody poops too.

Even Superheroes Use the Potty by Sarah Crow

Letting a child know that their favorite superheroes did use the potty is absolutely outstanding. Sarah Crow talks about this in her book. This further causes the child to pick a maximum interest and feel the need to walk in the shoes of the superheroes.

Potty Book for Girls by Allysa Satin Capuccili

Potty books that talk about a particular gender aren’t such a bad idea. For the girls, learning that a fellow girl used a potty and is very happy with it could all the motivation you have been yearning for. A lot of parents understand this and that is why they stick to gender-specific books.

A Potty for Me! by Karen Katz

This book is a story and an instruction manual that subtly tells your baby about a child that just got a new potty and took their time to get used to it and they eventually did, it became an enjoyable thing. It contains suitable rhymes for children too. Your little one could follow the steps In this book and get ready earlier than you think!

Once Upon a Potty: Boy by Alona Frankel

If you are finding it hard and tedious to talk your baby into settling for the potty, this book by Alona Frankel can serve as a sort of therapy that naturally lets you keep your voice calm while you tell the story of Joshua, the toddler that exists finally embraced their potty. This book has been existing for 45 years and has proven to be a helpful time and time again. It’s gender-specific so you can help your boy child get through this process by simply reading this to him.

When a child gets to a year and some months, it’s only natural for the parent(s) to try to scrap the idea of using diapers and introduce him to potty. The books listed above can be found on Amazon and I sincerely that this phase gets easier for you.

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