If you have ever slept close to a person that snores, you would know that snoring is a problem. It’s loud and tends to keep you awake.

Snoring is caused when a person’s breathing gets obstructed when they sleep, thereby causing tissues in the airway to vibrate. This is what causes the snoring sound. As a person gets older or gains weight, the likelihood of that person snoring increases drastically.

Snoring can cause a serious nuisance to spouses and partners of people who snore. People who snore can develop sleep apnea, which is an obstruction of the airways of a person while sleeping, thereby disrupting the breathing and sleep of that person.

Another oral-related health issue, bad breath, is another problem to many that can be a nuisance to your partner. It might be temporary or long term. Bad breath can be called halitosis; it plagues both children and adults. Bad breath can also cause social anxiety and withdrawal from social engagements.

In this article, we explore several natural ways to fight snoring and bad breath.

Natural Ways to Fight Snoring

1.     Adjust Your Sleeping Position: You might be snoring solely because of your sleeping position. Sleeping on your back can cause the tissue at the base of your tongue to collapse to the wall of your throat. This can cause the tissues of your airway to vibrate as you breathe during sleep thereby causing the snoring sound. By simply adjusting and sleeping on your side this can be avoided effectively preventing you from snoring.

2.     Lose Weight: Gaining weight can make you start snoring. If you were not snoring before you put on some weight, it is advisable to exercise to put off the weight. Losing the extra weight can be a way to fight the snoring.

3.     Exercise: Exercising can help you lose weight and also free up your airway. Breathing exercises can help strengthen the muscles of the airway; this would reduce the likelihood of snoring.

4.     Avoid Smoking: Smoking damages the respiratory system which leads to difficulty in breathing and causes snoring. Simply avoiding this can fight snoring.

5.     Avoid Alcohol Intake: Excessive intake of alcohol affects the central nervous system. This makes the airway to relax and leads to snoring. Simply reducing the intake of alcohol can combat snoring.

Natural Ways to Fight Bad Breath

1.     Salt Water Rinse: By simply rinsing daily or after every meal with saltwater you can reduce the bacteria in your mouth, flush out food particles and maintain fresh breath.

2.     Hydrate: Dehydration can cause bad breath; if you go long hours without drinking water your chances of having bad breath increases. By drinking filtered water every three hours, you can flush out toxins from your body and bacteria from your mouth. Doing this can help you maintain a rinsed mouth and fresh breath.

3.     Positive Dental Hygiene: Brushing every morning and evening after meals can reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth which could cause bad breath. It can eliminate food particles from the mouth. Flossing and scrapping the tongue can contribute to keeping a clean mouth. All these can fight bad breath.

To get started with exceptional oral care, we recommend trying PRO-Dental for Oral Health by Hyperbiotics and Spry Oral Rinse by Xlear.

Practicing all the recommendations above is definitely a walk in the right path of fighting snoring and bad breath.

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