Different people have scattered the internet and their brains looking for great study hacks to help their brains remember different information especially for times they want to kick some ass during tests. But you need to know that our memories are muscles too. We need to get them in shape. This would help us remember things faster and quicker. It would help you in life and in your exams too. 

Memory Exercises to Help Teens Study for Tests 

Take a Stroll Before your Exams 

I’ve used this technique for some of my exams and I can tell you for sure, I ended up getting the best grades in those exams. It helps in boosting your brainpower and your memory too. Strolling for about twenty minutes before an exam can help your performance improve.

Try Speaking Out loud as you Study.

This way it would feel like someone just recently told you about what you’re studying. This way things would be fresh in your mind just before the exams or test. Though you might feel like you’re senseless, try this and tell us your results. You would be surprised at how much you have on your mind. Make sure you do this in a personal comfortable reading space. So you don’t stress other people trying to study. 

You need to Reward yourself with some Snacks and Treats 

There are several ways you can make your reward system more promising. Using habits that you’ve got to study for these exams better and more efficiently too. These ways, you would want to study more cause you know at the end of the day, you would get some reward. You understand right? 

Have you Tried Teaching Others? 

I know people that when they are ready for an exam, they don’t want to teach anyone anything they’ve learned. They have no idea that teachers of things teach themselves too and become masters at doing those things. So it would be great if you teach others what you have learned.

You can Create Mental Associations 

Making connections is a very simple way to remember different information. This is also the fuel to intelligence and creativity. Steve Jobs said Creativity refers to the connection between different things. Whenever you ask creative people how this was done, they would feel quite guilty because they did not create the entire thing. They just saw something and merged them.

You could make use of Mind maps to connect different ideas using an overview of various connections.

So there we have it. Let me now give personal notes on how you can study and learn things better. 

Make use of the techniques you’ll use for the Test or Exam to study 

Back then in school, whenever I was studying, I wrote things down as I studied. This way when I’m writing my exams or test, it feels like my hands remember what I read and everything flows so well.

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