With all the amendments to the U.S. Constitution, people may not be able to memorize them. It is no news that many people are seeking the easy way to learn the amendments to the U.S. Constitution. It is important to know the amendments, as it goes a long way to allow you to know what your rights are and know when they are being stepped on.

You could consider making use of a number rhyme system, as it can go a long way to allow you to learn the amendments. This is a memorization tool that is an easy way to learn the amendments.

We have put together an unconventional system that can let you know the amendments without stressing your memory.

6 Easy Way to Learn the Amendments


When you are heading to church, you take the sticky bun from the store on your way. You can’t get enough of it, but you know that when you eat it, you may not be able to talk afterward, without cleaning your lips. It gets on the monthly journal in your hand.

This denotes the first amendment, which includes freedom of speech, press, and religion.

Summer Shoes

Let’s say you are out during summer, and the ground is hot. You aren’t with footwear and could feel the hot ground burning up the soles of your feet. Assuming you had something to protect the soles of your feet, you wouldn’t feel this way.

This is the second amendment, which is the right to bear arms.


Let’s say that an Army is trying to gain access to your home whenever they wish, without caring about you. Hence, they want a key.

This denotes the third amendment, which is focused on the quartering of soldiers in homes.


Let’s say that the police are trying to sneak into your home in the dead of the night, and want to do that in such a way that you may not know. They go through the window.

This denotes the fourth amendment, which focuses on the right that you have against the police coming to your home without cause or necessary documentation.


Let’s say that you are under the courthouse and a bee stings you twice. This is supposed to be impossible. This denotes the fifth amendment, which means that a person has the right to be tried, but it is wrong to be tried for the same case two times.

Bricks and Cake Mix

Let’s say that you are tossed into prison, which is a small brick building, while you wait for your case to be tried. You have stayed there for two years, and your case was later tried. You were released, and you decided to use a cake mix to make the cake, which you share with everyone in the courthouse.

The sixth amendment denotes that everyone has the right to a fast court trial, instead of being remanded in prison for a long time. They have the right to a lawyer representing them, as well as a public trial.

Use these tools to help you learn the amendments.

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