CrossFit is a unique system of exercising which targets muscle building and fitness. CrossFit mixes elements of sports and conventional exercises. It is suited for kids and adults, although there have been several debates on the suitability of a kids’ CrossFit workout.

Several workout techniques have been developed that factor in the peculiarities of kids. These kids’ CrossFit workout techniques are designed to engage your kids in a fun way while helping them stay healthy.

Here are various kids’ CrossFit workout techniques you can try out with your kids.

11 Kids’ CrossFit Workout Techniques

1.     Jump Rope: You would need a jump rope suited to the size of your kids. Enough space in the house or yard and a timer. Your kids can jump rope for minute sets with thirty seconds break in between sets. They can do as many sets as possible.

2.     Somersaults: Even as common as it may seem, a somersault is a great technique of kids CrossFit workout – you just have to play up the fun factor. Your kid would need enough space, it is advisable to do this in a kids’ gym. Your kid can do somersaults until fatigue.

3.     Catch-Throw-Catch: With the kids in a V-shaped line, you throw a ball and the kids catch and throw it back. Should the catch be missed, the kid would do 5 push-ups and jumps back into the game.

4.     Sit-ups and Pull-ups Combo: Your kid does 10-20 reps of sit-ups; 30 seconds break then 10 – 20 reps of pull-ups for about 5 sets.

5.     CrossFit Handstands: Your kid holds the plank position while you do a handstand wall work; you switch and repeat as many times as you desire.

6.     Back-Walk Across the Yard like a Crab: You kid walks across the yard like a crab back and forth.

7.     Hops: Your kid hops a distance then returns, this can be done with or without weights.

8.     Running: Kids’ CrossFit workout includes a lot of running, this should be arranged in a way that would suit the kids. A five-round 200 meters run is ideal CrossFit workout.

9.     Twenty-Yard Dash Workout: Place two or several cones 20 yards apart, the kids will run to each cone and finish the exercise prescribed for that cone before moving to the next on. After finishing the kids can repeat the workout.

10.  The Superhero: This technique involves 15 jumping Jacks, 15 push-ups, 15 squats, 15 superman and 15 high knees. The reps and sets can be varied to suit the particular kid.

11.  Dice Workout: Enough room is needed then a dice or two. The exercises in the workout should be a number that tallies with the numbers on your dice so that every number will have at least one set of exercises. The kid would roll the dice and whatever number they get they would do the exercise ascribed to that number. You can pick whatever safe, fun, and engaging exercise you desire.

No matter the technique employed, kids’ CrossFit workout techniques are fun, invigorating, and worthy to be explored.

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