The usual ways we normally eat at school lunch is never going to be the same in any way. As the new academic year is coming, we need to think about how we are going to consume meals as a whole and to know if we are going to keep consuming lunch the usual way. I have been wondering how possible it would be for all the students like there are some schools with which we have about a thousand five hundred students. These students are so many and amid this Corona Virus pandemic, it is greatly unwise for all these students to be packed and jacked in a particular hall and for them all to consume lunch. Let me explain why these cannot work.

Why School Lunch as We Know It is Over Due to COVID-19?

How do we think COVID-19 is spread between people. It is spread by someone having the disease and sneezing it into your systems. Or touching images that the virus has rested on. You need to wear face masks and go around everywhere with a hand sanitizer. These are extremely important because you need to keep yourself safe from the virus. COVID-19 is an extremely dangerous virus. If caught and not treated very well, it is life-threatening. That is very sad and if a lot of people are together in a particular place, and mistakenly one person, even if it is just one person that has the disease, all the students trying to enjoy this lunch would have a high possibility of contracting the disease. You understand me right? So this is why all the students cannot come together and eat in the same place at the same time. The only way that can happen is if there was a vaccine available. Let me brush you upon how far the world is going with the vaccine for COVID-19.

How Close Are We to a COVID-19 Vaccine That Works

Forget about the fact that things seem to be calming down. It isn’t really like that. Have you made research, do you know how fast and how hard the medical community of the world is working to get us all a vaccine that would completely and utterly get rid of this nasty ass virus? Because that’s what the world wants now, to be honest. A world in the absence of Covid 19. 

Where are we with getting This Vaccine 

All scientists all across the world are working very hard to create different treatments and to create vaccines for COVID-19. They are trying to get potential vaccines and treatments which would help solve the global issue we all know as Corona Virus. Different firms and companies are working on antiviral drugs. Some of these are being used presently to help different people that presently have Covid-19. Other companies are working on different vaccines which could be used as a preventive measure against the disease.

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