If you want your child to learn about the world in a fun way, then get them an interactive learning globe. They will learn geography quickly and in an entertaining and memorable way.

5 Interactive Learning Globes for Kids

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe

This interactive learning globe for kids over age 5 is included with about 19 games, which help to teach young ones about the facts of the world. There are a lot of functions and the different ways children can quiz themselves. This interactive learning globe has created a reality component which will let young ones to bring the globe to life through the use of dinosaurs and animals.

USA Toyz 3-in-1 Illuminated Constellation World Globe

If you’ve got kids that love to gaze at the stars, they will love this interactive world globe. With this globe, you’ll be able to spot about 88 great constellations. There’s a handy guide book which shows and teaches the kids the location, names, and the mythology of every one of the constellation. It is suggested for kids over age 3.

Homeishome 12-Inch World Globe Plus Magnifying Glass

This interactive world globe comes with a glass that magnifies all the details that are difficult to see on other normal globes. It is perfect for a curious, smart child. It has a scratch-proof acrylic surface and it rotates easily with easy means of assemblage. It is created to last. It also comes with a beautiful set of national flag stickers. It is suggested for kids over age 8.

Shifu Orboot: The Educational, Augmented Reality Based Globe

This app-based world globe has several categories that include the weather, map, cultures, inventions, monuments, and animals for a huge range of nations internationally. They are all in 3D and are enhanced with voices and music. It is suggested for kids above 6 years old.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Talking Globe

For this interactive world globe, up to four players can enjoy the quiz game and they can easily pick different quiz categories. They include the U.S., Canada, and all other categories. It features repeating of questions, automatic scoring, jacks for your headphones, and ability to change the volumes.

It is meant for kids age 8 years and above.

With these interactive globes, you’re sure your kids have the right way of learning about the world. Also check out our study tips for visual learners!

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