Schooling your kids at home during the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t mean there won’t be a need to get a teacher, tutor, or online classes and studying tools involved to help teach them all they need to know.

A lot of parents have mixed emotions over their new responsibility of teaching their kids at home. A lot of them didn’t imagine doing this from their dining table, but here we are. In the hearts of their parents, they know it is very important for their kids to keep their education going. A lot of parents are quite overwhelmed at the moment. That’s why it’s time for all parents to step up, support each other, and serve as an educator to let their kids know the essentials.

Ideas to Help You with Homeschooling Kids from Home

Create School Space

Do not underestimate the power of structure. Help your kids create an area in the house to serve as a classroom ­– a place that is free of distractions and clutter. This could be a makeshift office, a dining table, or even a kitchen nook.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It

Because of complicated logistics, it would be best if you help your kids create their own school schedule. Let them start and end at the same daily. Make use of a timer that would make them know there is a change in class, let them have time for a break, for lunch, and time to rest their eyes and to stretch their legs. They need concrete deadlines.

Be Consistent

We all know consistency is comforting. By being consistent, you will offer strong support that is necessary to homeschool your kids at these times. Have times of the day when your kids can come to you and ask important questions. Being there for them will make them very happy.

Keep Deadlines the Same

Irrespective of the assignment, set a deadline which makes your kids submit their assignments at a particular time of day, and make sure they all stick with it.

Don’t Forget to Stay in Touch

Make sure you keep asking questions reasonably to show you care. Ask the kids how they are feeling and managing and how they are missing their classmates. Help them keep in touch with their friends too before they lose their sanity. This can be via supervised Zoom or Faceboook Live sessions.

Manage Expectations

Tread carefully, as this is all new to everyone. Not everything will be perfect. You all should expect a learning curve and a great time of patience until we all can adjust.

Be Visible

Let your kids learn from safe and appropriate educational websites, especially about issues that you won’t be able to teach them. Making them proactive and better at the subject, and encourage them to be curious about learning.

We all hope these unprecedented times come to an end as soon as possible. But before then, we all have to try our best to make our kids at home learn what they can before this time passes.

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