Oh yes, this piece. You know I got a lot of material because I wanted to learn a lot from this topic. So you found out your child is either L, G, B, T, Q, A, or +, and you want to support them honestly, but you don’t know how to go about it. Just keep your eyes open and enjoy this piece. Trust me. You’re in safe hands. 

First off, to start this piece, make sure your child is not afraid of you. Like this is an essential point for both you and your child.

How did you even find out your child is LGBTWA+?  Did they tell you about it? Did you catch them watching same-sex porn or porn that hints they are this way or that way? Knowing how you found out is one of the essential steps in knowing how you can support your beautiful kids. 

Ways to help your child that’s LGBT

After finding out about their sexual orientation, always remember two things. First, you were the one that gave birth to them. Even if you did not give birth to them, they are your children. Either by adoption or by birth. Your name is on their birth certificate as their parents. You also need to know that you have no choice but to love them. 

You don’t need to treat your child differently just because they have a sexual orientation that is not like yours or is quite different. Trust me. No one wants to feel like a pariah in the house of their parents. Do you understand? Be open to them, do not judge them. Treat them as your friends and as someone they can trust because, without you, they’ve got nothing. But if you’re on their side, they can do everything and own the world. No matter what anyone says or does towards them, it would just be like when you’re pouring water on metal.

But if you begin to judge your kids or treat them differently like they are thrash, it would come right back to bite you in the ass. 

Your kids want nothing from you other than love, care, peace of mind. I’m not saying you should let your kids do everything or whatever they want to do. I’m just saying you should be aware. It would help if you were mentally interested in their lives. You know who their friends are and the things that interest them. Treat them like how you would treat your other kids that have opposing sexual attraction. Not because you have a gay child, you start casting him out and treating him poorly in front of other people. This thing kills them from the inside. 

Research has stated that kids who have love from their parents after coming out to them have grown to be way happier and healthier. That child, the one you have that’s not straight, is a great asset. He or she or they is not a liability in any way. They can do way more than you can imagine. Just love them and see what they would grow up to become. You’ve got a star right there.

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