Eating too many holiday sweets can have some after-effects such as – indigestion, nauseousness, tummy upsets, etc.

Tummy upsets are not exactly among the best experiences a child should have. For the mums, the period where your child is suffering from an upset tummy is usually among the worst moments of motherhood. You may think that hugs would matter most during these moments, but the truth is that they don’t.

Creating a system that would help you sort out the health of your child is the most ideal for every home. This is because they practically act like a superman—saving the day! Today, we will outline some of the top ways through which you can help your child when they are hurting from an upset tummy.

How to Help your Child with an Upset Tummy

1. Water

One of the most basic steps to take in the face of health trouble is drinking water. The moment you notice that your child is beginning to complain a lot about their stomach, you should consider feeding them with many glasses of water. This is going to help with the flushing of the child’s digestive system. Do not neglect this; it helps all the time.

2. Smoothie

The importance of consistent feeding on fruits cannot be overemphasized. In the case of an upset tummy, getting a fresh fruit combination of essential fruits will always prove to be helpful. Don’t freeze the smoothie before giving it to the child as it can complicate issues.

3. Fresh fruit

Similar to number two, if you do not want to give your child a blended combination of the fruits, you can choose to give it to them individually. Banana and apple are fruits that are known to help with flushing the tummy with natural fiber.

 4. Healthy Supplements

Seeking for the right and healthy food supplements could be the answer that you are looking for. To be able to help improve your child’s digestion problems, and have the occurrence of flatulence reduced, you can get Douglas Laboratories Multi-biotic Kids Supplements; it’s an ideal choice.

5. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are a form of herb that has proven effective when it comes to tummy upset. Most people sometimes use it for cooking their meals. Other times, it’s been brewed or chewed.

6. Chamomile Tea

If you want to get your child asleep while relieving their stomach pains, chamomile tea is quite an essential remedy.

7. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is a home ready for stomach upset which people seem to underrate most of the time. For tummy ache, it’s advised that you add a small amount of natural sweetener (honey) to the tea and sip gradually. This can be taken either hot or cold.

8. Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is an all-time remedy for a lot of health issues. You can’t go wrong with this as long as it’s sweetened with a little bit of honey.

If any of these remedies are correctly implemented, you won’t have any reason to worry about your child’s aching tummy. Also, remember that the Douglas Laboratories Multi-biotic Kids Supplements can be your go-to supplement for solving indigestion problems in your child.

Good luck!

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