With the developments and rapid change taking place in the world STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, are now a strong career for your future kids. These are careers that will pilot the world in years to come, considering that most of the problems we have can be solved through this means. Getting your kids to pick interest in this is most times a tough exercise, as there is needs to be broken down to their understanding.

Ways to get your kids excited about learning STEM

Slip it into the daily activities

Most kids find it hard to understand things that are written in books or the big words their teacher feeds them. Bringing STEM into their daily activities helps them to understand more and pick interest in the subject. Slip STEM lessons in their day-to-day activities E.g. why their ball comes up immediately when dipped in water, how their bicycle works etc. these little homemade experiments and explanations help them to easily understand and ticks off their interest.

Educative movies

Kids at tender age love and look up to their comic superheroes and favorite TV character. They tend to emulate them even down to their career choices. Introduce the kids to family shows that are STEM-oriented E.G TED and Nova. These shows are filled with all sorts of science acts and plays. Getting your kids to watch them steady might spur their interest in STEM

Educative toys

There are all sorts of educative toys out there that are STEM-oriented, from building blocks to Dash robot to LEGO’s. These toys test the creativity of your kids E.g. building blocks are very helpful in influencing your kids towards engineering. Selective LEGO’s like the NASA installment shows your kid how cool it is to be an astronaut and spurs his interest in being one.

Visit Museums

Museums are filled with historical happenings, stories of heroes, and their bravery, kids love to be heroes, they all want to help and save the world at some point. Stories of these heroes and their heroic moments can give them something to look up to and wish to be. Museum visits to space-themed museums and stories about the first man to land on the moon encourage them to try to be heroic like him.


Encourage them to carry out simple tasks at home. Baking of cakes, they can tag along when you go to fix your bike, or fix the leaking pipe. Try to expose them to things that are associated with STEM, this can spur their curiosity, and get them to ask questions


These are tested ways by parents which you can use to steer your kids towards STEM. In as much as you would like your kids to follow the path, try to understand that it is not meant for everyone. Some kids still don’t pick interest in STEM even when all these measures are followed. Always take time to pause and make reviews if your kid is following that path before you continue.

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