The best way to empower through education is to teach. Being an educator by choice is something that requires a lot of passion and determination not only for those you would be educating but also for yourself. In order to pursue this as a career, it is important that you are able to get to the highest level of education, as not only will it boost your career, but it will also expose you to more methods of education. A Ph.D. in English Education is a qualification that will go great lengths to boost your career in English education.

Getting a PhD in English Education helps to give a solid backbone when it comes to reading and writing, teaching, media literacy, and adolescent literature. It helps to put you at the forefront when it comes to education reform, research, instructional and curriculum design, technology, and even administration. A vast world of educational options is open to PhD holders and there is nothing stopping you from being one of them. Here is how to join them.

How to Get Started with a PhD in English Education

Find a School

The first thing that is necessary for anyone who is looking to get a Ph.D would be to find a suitable school. The school should be one that you can afford in terms of location and tuition and should also have very good references and a good track record. This is important as you want to know that you are getting an education from a reputable institution and that your degree would be valid.

Meet the Basic Requirements

Every school has a different requirement when it comes to enrolling for a Ph.D. In many schools, you are required to first have a bachelor’s as well as a master’s degree in English education. It is important that you first go through the list of requirements and make sure that you are qualified before you apply for a PhD in English Education.


The next step would be to simply apply for the program. When you find a school that meets your criteria and your budget, apply to the school for the doctorate program. Every school has different methods of application; it is important to learn that of the school you are applying to and follow through with it.

Meet the Faculty Requirements

Every faculty has different sets of requirements that need to be met before you can be awarded a Ph.D. It is important that you know the requirements of the faculty in your school of choice and ensure that you meet up with them in a timely manner in order to be fully awarded a Ph.D.

Being awarded a Ph.D in English Education is the highest degree you can get in English education, and it is by far the most rewarding. It is great proof to yourself and your profession of your passion and your zeal not only for knowledge but for educating other people. It is a great step towards making your mark in the world of education.

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