Trust me when I say this, I’ve been bullied before. Cyberbullying is very horrible. If you are a victim, you wouldn’t even know how to start handling yourself. It is so sad and very painful. I would like to talk about what my parents would have done to help me when I was being bullied. 

What can Your Parents Do?  

If you have a child that is getting bullied through the internet, you can understand them and offer support and comfort. Talk about any experience you have had related to bullying. Especially those from when you were a child. This would drag you and make you closer to your beautiful young one. 

You need to let your child understand that this isn’t their fault. Bullying talks more about the specific bully not about the victim in any way.

Make sure someone at the school of your child, probably the principal, the school nurse, or a counselor knows about what’s happening. There are different school clubs and school districts that have several different rules available to handle this Cyberbullying problem. These carry by states and districts though. Before you go and report this problem, let your child have all the plans you’ve got in your head. Only if you have a child that is as fierce as you and wants you to use all your fierce energy on the bully. In my case my Mother is fire. She doesn’t take a shit at all. Whenever I have these problems, my Mom has made me know that anyone that crosses my path wouldn’t survive it. So whenever anyone tries to stress me and I can’t handle it myself, I go to my Mom and I don’t stress myself. Cause I know if she gets her hands on that person. Damn. They wouldn’t believe they cause the type of problems that would ensue after she is done with them. 

Other Things you can tell your kids to do

Block the Bully 

You can Block the Bully. These days, we have devices that we can use to block IMs, emails, and texts from people that are stressing our lives mentally.

Reduce the Access they Have to Technology 

This could hurt but it is the best. Because kids that are being bullied can’t easily resist the temptation to go to their phones, check websites, and know if there are messages from the bully or something. Keep the computer in a place everyone can see it. No laptops for private use. You need some limits.

What to Do if you’ve got a Bully As a child 

You need to address this issue if you find out it’s your child that has been hurting others. I know it’s painful but you need to do what is necessary. It is bad to have a child that creates a nuisance of themselves everywhere they go including the internet. Come on. That ain’t fresh at all. So please, make them behave.

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