In places like the US, we tend to put our energies into public schools. We ignored the ways schools provided care which was necessary for kids as their parents went to work. The moment Covid-19 came and scattered the normal in-person schooling system, this got rid of the subsidized child care because of the lockdowns and everything. This ended up creating high levels of stress for working parents. Single moms suffered the most.

But this is why I am writing this piece. See today. I’m here to talk about how the Class of 2021 survived and handled their lives academically through the pandemic because I know it was not easy or funny to manage.

Luckily for me, I finished college in 2019, and I got lucky. People who didn’t have to stay at home and wait for lockdowns to come and pass and for the Covid-19 vaccine to become a reality, you know. That didn’t happen until late 2020 and early 2021. So how exactly did the class of 2021 did survive?

Ways the class of 2021 Handled Academic Life during the pandemic

Everything had to get innovated

Online learning kicked off with full force. With the lockdowns and everything, schools needed to continue. Everyone needed to upgrade their digital lives and connect using the internet. This was the only way for lectures, tests, exams to continue without holding back the students and causing them to waste another extra year doing nothing.

A lot of people suffered from this change.

For a lot of students, learning online is nothing but a formality. Learning online is not a substitute for nor all teaching. Several teachers share the materials used to study, and they don’t teach to them. When it comes to testing online, it mostly ends on a “make it work on your own.” These ways, students do not end up getting knowledge that lasts. Some students can’t participate in online lectures because they don’t have the necessary equipment to join their peers. It is unfair to parents to place such a burden on students and parents that are not ready for online learning. Even those ready need to use a lot of their time to help their kids navigate the equipment and platforms necessary to learn online. These parents and students need to do their best and hope that the pandemic comes to an end soon. But they found ways and made it happen. 

The teachers need to help their students complete the curriculum, help them get their final grades, and complete the official school year. However, this might not be extremely necessary for the students. In this situation, the best way is to learn how to teach students using online platforms instead of wrongly. After learning the proper ways, then the teachers tried their best to help available students. 

This was how these students survived and how they ended up handling academic life. They made use of help from every and any source to graduate. 

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