Try Herbs and Prunes to Help with Kids’ Constipation

Learn why you should try herbs and prunes for kids’ constipation relief in this blog post.

When pills and tinctures were only a figment of our imaginations, parents relied on medicinal herbs to relieve their young ones of sickness and diseases. Even with the unprecedented advancement in medicine and technology, there is still a push for organic medicines and natural remedies. This is because most of the over-the-counter drugs that are available in the world today pack a truckload of side effects along with the health benefits that they offer. In this way, patients who rely on drugs and pills to help them recover from sickness and disease may end up with worse side effects later on.

If you are looking for natural ways to relieve your young ones from constipation and other digestion-related ailments, you should consider using herbs and prunes. Prunes, also called dried plums, have been proven to prevent constipation.

As they are obtained from natural materials, they offer little side effects compared to the conventional over the counter medicines. Here are some of the most effective herbs and prunes recipes for treating constipation in kids.

3 Herbs and Prunes to Try for Kids’ Constipation

1. Apple, Pear, or Prune Juice

Natural fruit juices made from apples, pears, or prunes has been known to increase bowel movements in kids who are too young to be on solids. If your child is below 4 months old, you should use an ounce of one of these sugar-free juices to relieve constipation. We recommend that you dilute the juice with plenty of water, so you don’t expose your infant to concentration-related risks. Depending on the potency of the juice, your infant’s bowels should start moving within 12 to 24 hours of consuming the juice. In some cases, the results are visible in the first few minutes of consuming the juice.

2. Slippery Elm Gruel

To recreate this unique herbal recipe for children’s constipation, combine one tablespoon of slippery elm powder with a third-quarter cup of water and one teaspoon of lemon juice (not compulsory). Put the mixture in a pot or saucepan and apply heat. While on heat, stir the mixture to maintain fineness. You can even go a step further to add organic sweetener to the mixture. There is nothing wrong with serving sweetened herbs and prunes to your baby. Serve warm for the maximum effect and to make it more appealing. (Your child will probably push it away when it gets too cold).

3. Herbal Constipation Tea

To achieve this special herbal recipe for children’s constipation, combine one cup boiling water, with one-quarter tablespoon fennel seeds or ginger root, with half a tablespoon of licorice, a half cup of apple juice, and one-quarter cup of prune juice. You can give 1/4 cup of this herbal mixture to your child every two hours until your baby’s bowel begins to move and the results become obvious.

In addition, herbal supplements such as ReleaseZyme by Transformation Enzyme are great for relieving constipation in children, regardless of their age and weight. But we recommend that you keep the concentration levels of the mixtures you are giving to your child to the barest minimum.

If after 24 hours of giving the above herbs and prunes to your child, you still can’t see apparent improvement, then be sure to consult your child’s pediatrician.

In addition, if your child is also experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms, be sure to try Echinacea Goldenseal for kids heath!

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