Every parent gets scared the first time they let their child go to school on their own. The journey before they get to school is one filled with many hazards that may affect your child’s health and it doesn’t help that we are currently in a pandemic. As a parent you want to child to stay as healthy as possible so here are some tips for your kids going to school in person.

. Improve the child’s immune

Kids with week immune systems are more viable to catch diseases and bugs than others. Some ways in which you could improve kids’ immune system is to feed them fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins that help build the immune system. These vitamins can also be gotten from probiotics designed to strengthen a kid’s immune system. They are also other medication for kids rich in vitamins and other health benefits for kids.

. Check with the school

It is best to check with the school personally to see if they are following proper health regulations. Also, inform the school on time if your child has any issues like allergies that need to be watched out for. Doing this can help increase your child’s safety and health condition by keeping multiple eyes on them.

. Face Masks

If fitted and worn properly face masks have proven to be useful in keeping a child healthy. The vast majority of children even those with allergies and other health issues can wear face masks. Face mask not only protects kids from contacting the covid 19 viruses but also protect the from other airborne bugs and viruses.

. Teach kids Proper Handwashing

Proper handwashing is another useful tip that keeps kids healthy. Teach kids to watch their hands properly with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds. This helps to prevent the spread of any viruses or diseases as kid’s hands are always getting in places. Failure to wash hands properly may not only cause that child to get sick but also spread diseases to other people.

. Promote Healthy Eating Habits

A healthy eating habit will give your kids a healthy body. Try to stop kids from practicing bad habits like always touch their food with dirty hands, always eating junk foods, and eating in public places like school buses and roads.

. Practicing Healthy Routines Before School Begins

Practicing healthy routines before the beginning of school can help ease your kids into them. One routine you could practice is teaching kids how to go to bed on time, study has shown that kids need 9 to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Doing this will help them start the day strong and healthy. Another routine you can teach your child is how much distance they should give people especially their friends and classmates.

Lastly, be sure to start teaching your kids early and have a proper talk with them on the importance of following these tips. Doing this will help strengthen their mindset and resolve.

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