Summertime is an exciting season for kids and their parents alike. Kids love summer because they have a holiday to enjoy and they get to play more outdoor games. As the temperature rises, the family wants to play outdoor and get creative with summer crafts.

Swimming is the most common outdoor fun activity during summer. Everyone wants to cool off the hot and rising temperature in a pool. You can get creative with swimming this summer by engaging in fun swimming craft projects with the kids. The following are some water/ swimming craft projects you and your kids can do this summer.

5 Swimming Crafts Projects for Kids

1. Floating Sponge Boats

Floating sponge boats are adorable and colorful floating sailboats you can build with materials you already have in your home. They are perfect for hot summer days when all you want to do is enjoy the cool of the swimming pool. Make them in bright colors so you can have colorful crafts.

2. Space Crayons

Now is the time to repurpose these crayons you left lying around in your house.  Summertime is the best time to put them to use. You can make beautiful and fun celestial shapes from crayons as a swimming craft project.

Gather the crayons that the kids never wanted to color with, broken or not. Get molds in celestial shapes ( preferably star). Break the crayons into small pieces so that they can melt easily in the oven. Fill the mold with the broken crayons and place in the oven. Heat for 10 to 15 minutes for the crayons to melt completely. Remove the mold and let the melted crayon cool. You can hasten the cooling process by transferring it into a freezer.

Remove the mold from the freezer after about 30 mins. You space crayons should have formed by them. Then remove the crayon from the mold. Voila!

3. Dress-Up Mermaid Tail

Children love the mermaid tail. You may, however, have to do much of the work as you will be sewing on this one. But you can have the kids design what they want their mermaid tail to look like. Sew a mermaid tail for the kids this summer as they enjoy a swimming adventure.

4. Jar Lid Fishes

This is a fun and colorful swimming craft project the kids will certainly love. Repurpose jar lids into colorful fishes. Draw a fish’s body on a construction paper. Make the drawing in the size of the jar lid. Outline the fish’s body with a pencil and cut. Also, cut out the fins and decorate them with color pencils. Now, design the fish body by punching out small shapes and glue.

5. Felt Flowers

Felt Flowers are beautiful and super cute.  They are the perfect swimming craft project for summer. Get assorted colors of felt, buttons, felt glue, and green craft sticks to make cute felt flowers for your swimming pool.

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