Kids love to draw, whether they’re getting it right or not. They just love to experiment with colors and drawing tools like markers and crayons. Also, they love flashy stuff and would love to create their own artwork. 

Drawing is a very important skill for kids, as it helps to bring out their creative side. It is part of the learning process and overall development. As a parent, you should not withhold anything back to make sure your child is well developed. Encouraging drawing is a way to help cultivate your child’s creativity.

This is the 21st-century, and things are changing gradually to tune into the digital world. Kids can now use mobile devices for educational purposes. Because of this provision, there are several apps specially created for them to aid learning and development. Apps are available on iOS versions as well as for Android devices. There are a lot of free drawing apps for kids in this regard. Here are some of them.

5 Free Drawing Apps for Kids

1. Doodle Buddy

This free drawing app for kids is only available on iOS. As a way to enhance your child’s drawing skills, it gives them a chance to draw and make sketches or doodles with their fingers. Also, they can paint their sketches with any color of their choice. In all, it is a great tool for learning as it is also fun.

2. How to Draw

How to Draw is also a free drawing app that gives instructions that the child has to follow to draw. There are different levels and episodes with each having a different level of difficulty. It makes drawing easy for kids.

3. Animal Sketch

This is another great free drawing app for kids with a unique structure. It features six sea animals which are in turn broken down into great shapes. The kids would have a great time following its step-by-step sequence to draw.

4. Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper is a fun drawing app for kids that lets them draw anything they want on a plain digital page. It is very easy to use and the kids may not require any guidance to figure out how to use it. There is also a stylus the child can use to make notes.

 5. Picturizr

This app is also great for kids. They would have a great time creating different faces from the tools available. They can pick what type of face parts to use as well as accessories.

You can decide which free drawing app would work best for your kids and help them install it on your device. Then they can have fun with it at their leisure. These free drawing apps for kids may even help with study tips for visual learners.

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