As a teacher, one of your major goals should be that your students understand and can actively pass on the knowledge to another person. So, how do you do this? You can accomplish this goal by making them go through the usual end of the semester project.

With the help of the projects, students are able to demonstrate what they’ve learned in a way that you want them to. Projects are supposed to make the students think harder because through thinking, they get to explore their imaginations and build their creative prowess. If you are conducting a digital course, it’s possible that you may not be able to figure out the exact project to use for tests, and that is why this article is here. Soon, we shall discuss top digital media projects for middle school students.

Top Digital Media Projects for Middle School Students

These digital media project ideas will help you become creative with your own students.

1. Infographics

If you’re looking for something that will help the students learn how to pass information through pictures and graphics, you can opt for infographics.

One beautiful thing about infographics is that it encourages fun moments, and it’s something one can easily share.

2. Create and Design a Website.

The website is one of the key marketing points of every business. When done creating, websites become attractive. Telling your students to create and design one will seem to them like a challenge at first, but with time, they will get used to the process, and also, it helps them to learn organizational skills.

3. Creating a Multimedia Webpage

Just like a website, creating a single multimedia webpage tends to become pretty tasking. Other than creating a website, you can ask your students to embed everything that’s seen on a website into a multimedia page.

With the help of tools such as Canvas, Adobe Spark, Sway, Google Drawing, etc., they can create whatever designs they want, even without prior knowledge of coding.

4. Doing a Project for a Purpose

This may seem totally unrelated, but the earlier you understand this, the better. Whatever project your students will be handling should have a link to human society. It helps them find a tangible reason for what they are doing and not just to pass their exams. How are they going to impact other people’s lives? How will they be able to relate this project to people who follow after them?  These questions and many more should be on your mind while asking them to do something.

5. Make Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are mostly used by YouTubers to create a detailed voice-over video. In this case, you can employ free tools such as Powertoon or MySimpleShow for the purpose of making an explainer. You can ask them to make a detailed video of all they studied for the semester; you’d be shocked at what they will come up with. This should be fun!

Digital media projects should be able to let your students express all the things that you’ve taught them. However, you should be able to pick out a place of focus.