Consequences of Bullying in School

There are many consequences of bullying, including negative effects on phsyical, social, and mental health. Learn more here!

Bullying is one of the vices found to exist among students within and without the school premises. School is not just a learning environment, it is also a place for social contact, and wherever there is a social contact there is a chance for disagreement, misunderstanding, and people becoming mechanical in achieving their interest or ambition.

Bullying has become a common social vice within the school environment, which needs serious attention because of its psychological effect both on the bullied and the bully. Schools should be more sensitive and make all due diligence to address all matters that have to do with bullying

What is Bullying?

Bullying is the act of abusing, oppressing, mistreating someone vulnerable by someone more powerful or stronger.

Consequences of Bullying in School

Academic effects: Students who are bullied in school have been observed to perform poorly in school. For fear of being bullied, they skip classes. Many of these students pretend to leave home for school but never enter school premises because of the fear of being bullied. They miss classes and tests and end up performing poorly in their exams. This is a severe problem that needs to be dealt with in schools.

Psychological effects: Research has shown that bullying has a psychological impact on the victims of bullying and the bully him/herself. For the bullied, they suffer from anxiety, worry, fear. If these negative emotions are sustained for a long time, it may lead to depression, which may also lead to suicide.

For the bully, they have an inadequate social response to solving problems. It becomes hardwired in them to use force in resolving issues that require dialogue. When folks like this marry, domestic violence becomes the order of the day. They turn to the use of force to have their way

Physical effects: Bullying can lead to physical harm. Many studentshave been bruised and wounded as a result of bullying. In a more severe case, many have lost their lives while they are being bullied. Schools should take this very seriously in order to protect students from themselves. Authority of the school should be readily available to handle any matter that has to do with bullying.

Social effects: Peer rejection is a form of bullying that has an adverse social impact on students. This can lead to social pain. Because of this, many students become ostracized.

Except bullying in school is taken seriously as a social vice, these effects will continue to cause havoc in the social harmony of the school. Social systems should be put in place to curb bullying in schools.

Let’s create awareness about the harmful effects of bullying among students in an effort to stop bullying. This will help in reducing if not eradicating bullying in our schools. Also, those who are bullied should be educated to report any case of bullying to the authority of the school. This will help to deal with bullies and, in turn, allow them to change.

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