Can Teething Cause Smelly Urine in Babies?

Have you ever wondered, can teething cause smelly urine in babies? Well, read this blog post to find out!

Babies are a little bit complicated to understand, and the reason for that isn’t far-fetched. It’s simply because they can’t communicate or tell us exactly what is wrong with them. You may have a baby ,and you’ve noticed that they have smelly urine. It’s a cause of worry because you can’t tell if it’s as a result of teething or another underlying condition.

In this article, we’ll study how you can deal with your teething baby and also let you know if teething can result in smelly urine for your baby. Follow through and read carefully.

How to Deal with Teething

How do you make sure that your baby is treated well and cared for when he or she is teething? Do you have to run to the doctor every time?

1. Clean your baby’s gum regularly

Your baby will feel a lot of discomfort during this period. You’re most likely going to have to deal with excessive crying and all of that. You must ensure that you continuously run your clean fingers on the gum to soothe the pain.

2. Keep it cool

You can dip a small piece of clean cloth in cold water and place it on your baby’s gum to soothe the pain. That should help your baby to calm down.

3. Use over the counter drugs

Don’t just get any drugs for your baby. Make sure it is one that is prescribed by a specialist. Ask for drugs that help with teething. Your pharmacist should know what medicines are best for soothing the pain. Try some good natural medications like Oral Pain Relief 4 Kids by Hylands.

It is almost impossible for teething to result in smelly urine. Smelly urine could sometimes be normal if the baby is well breastfed if the urine is pale; it could also be as a result of the following reasons:

●               Urinary tract infection: This is a common cause of smelly urine in both adults, babies, and even animals. You need to take your baby to a physician or get some OTC drugs to treat it as quickly as possible.

●               Milk starvation: If your baby isn’t fed with enough breast milk, he or she may end up with smelly urine. The importance of breastfeeding cannot be overemphasized. You must make it a top priority for your baby’s overall wellness.

●               It may be from the food they ate: Urine is waste and it comes from the food that we eat. If the baby has smelly urine, it could be because you fed them with a food that is rich in protein.

●               It could be from the food you ate: Your baby gets a good portion of everything you eat as long as you’re the one doing the breastfeeding. However, if the smelly urine keeps recurring, it could be as a result of something else.

Whatever the case is, just ensure that you visit your doctor for advice on what to do—don’t worry. Teething isn’t the problem. Smelly urine smell may also be natural. Just be on the lookout for other signs and symptoms.

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