For people who love to read, we love looking for easier ways to get hold of books for our collections.

We look for ways to grab copies of different books to fuel our reading urge. Luckily, there are book fairs available for kids and adults alike where you can find great new or used books at a discount. We know that book fairs are places where you can get items for affordable prices, which is far cheaper than what you would pay for in a store. In addition, sometimes book fairs have a gathering of authors, where they try to sell their books for an affordable price.

If you are a lover of books and you have not attended a book fair, you are missing out. For those that love reading, here are some tips that you can use to get affordable books at book fairs.

Tips for Finding and Getting Great Deals at Book Fairs

Find Local Book Fairs

First, start by looking for upcoming book fairs by searching online or the events bulletin board at your local library. Book fairs pop up from one part of town to the other. If you are in an author’s community on Facebook, it is easy to find out when book fairs are coming up. You could also follow writing blogs to get more info about book fairs in your area.

Plan in Advance

It is important that you plan for book fairs in advance. You do not want to go to a book fair and not know what to expect. Sometimes, book fairs are created for one genre of writing. This means that if you do not plan ahead of time, you may end up going to a book fair for sci-fi fans instead of for non-fiction book lovers like yourself, or vice versa. 

Find out what genre of novels will be sold there, and plan the activities you’ll attend in advance. This saves you time and effort in the long run.

Come with a Camera

Your smartphone can do what a camera can do to a large extent. You could come with your smartphone, but ensure that it is filled up with battery life. Then, with permission, snap photos with your favorite authors, or buy their autographed pre-printed photo sheets.

Start Saving Up

Just like any conference or event, it would be wise to save some extra spending money to shop at the book fair. In fact, buying books in bulk is the best way to save money.

Find Out the Schedule

Every book fair has a schedule of activities. By getting the schedule ahead of time, you know what will occur at different times. You can easily navigate to the stands of authors you want to visit to prevent you from roaming around and not getting anything meaningful by the end of the day. Get the schedule first, and you will be thankful.

For kids, look online for details about local Scholastic Book Fairs. For adults, try or Barnes & Noble Bookfairs.

What is your favorite part about book fairs? 

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