Talking about attachment parenting, we tend to lay focus on parents who have adopted children kept in their care. This is when the foster parent builds genuine care and emotions to protect the child from anxiety and trauma that must have come up as a result of being taken away from their biological parents.

The need to help an adopted child relieve quickly has left a lot of parents on a quest to search for ways to help the children feel loved. One of the ways through which this help can be gotten is by reading a book that talks about attachment parenting. If you are a parent who’s looking to find some of the best books on parenting attachment, then this article will provide you with an answer. Let’s go!

1. Raising a Secured Child By Kent Hoffman, Glen Cooper, and Bert Powell

In today’s world, it’s obvious that a lot of parents tend to feel pangs of pressure in regards to being perfect when it comes to raising their child. In this book, the authors extensively explained why you shouldn’t get all worked up while trying to nurture according to society’s standards. While you pressure yourself, you tend to lose focus on the most important need of the child which is emotional care.

2. Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt

In Why Love Matters, Sue Gerhardt explains a baby’s brain alongside the psychology involved in raising one. For anyone who’s interested in understanding child care as well as the importance of attachment, this book is a must-have.

3. Parenting from the Inside Out By Daniel J. Siegel and Mary Hartzell

The importance of forming personal relationships can never be overemphasized. In Parenting from the Inside Out, the authors discussed why you need to understand your history and be able to raise your children with a compassionate mind. This book should be gotten by everyone who’s hopeful of raising their children securely.

4. Attached By Amir Levine and Rachel S.F. Heller

You need to understand that knowing how to form solid emotional attachments with adults will help you have healthy relationships with other people you love and cherish, including your children. So, how do you do this? By studying your attachment style.

5. No Drama Discipline By Daniel J. Siegel

Nurturing your child to become a sensible, developed human entails that you put in hard work including discipline. However, the way you discipline your child matters. Do you scold with hatred? Does your child get scared at the mere thought/sight of you? If your answer is a yes, then know that it’s time to draw the line.

In No-Drama Discipline, Daniel Siegel teaches parents how to effectively discipline their child without applying so much drama.  By reading this book, you will learn loving, calm, empathic, and beautiful ways through which you can strengthen the love between you and your child.

A child needs emotional care and support, so you have to ensure them that you are there for them at all times. This article outlines the best attachment books that you should read today.

Happy Parenting!

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