The most common question that springs up from the lips of individuals that are new to leisure reading is always “Are reading books a waste of time?” These people often need proper guidance to enable them to savour the luxury of good books.

Are Reading Books a Waste of Time?

The answer is NO. Books don’t waste your time. As a matter of fact, a good book is often considered a beautiful piece of art. Books help you to build your feelings and emotions, and a variety of them can pierce through your heart and heal them with words. With good books, you tend to build your knowledge and grow mentally. Ranging from fiction to nonfiction, books are a depiction of someone’s imagination and can never be considered as a waste of time. Books also document history, viewpoints and events throughout time, and educate readers.

Ways Through Which You Can Teach Your Children the Importance of Reading

Not every child is a bibliophile. Sometimes, you need to actively install into your child that which you want them to become. But how do I make my child appreciate the value of reading? It takes being goal-oriented and intentional to make this possible. Below are the ways through which you can teach your child the importance of reading.

Read Often to Your Child

You can start the reading journey by helping your child understand the basics. Read to them regularly when they are still in the budding stage. This will help them subconsciously understand that there is such a thing as reading thereby helping them to develop an interest in it.

Make Reading Your Habit

As a parent or a guardian, you must have understood by now, that children tend to always pick up a habit they’ve constantly seen an older person do. Reading in front of a child may make them want to imitate you.

Do Not Go Hard On Them

Your child is still a child, please know that. When you try to enforce something on the children they quickly lose interest. Do not go hard on them. Every child develops differently, just keep being gentle and keep doing the first two steps, it’s only natural that they will develop the habit with time.

Buy Books That Appeal to Their Eyes

Books that are colorful with artwork or photos are often a great fit. Children usually get excited to jump onto things that their eyes love. You can find out what attracts your child most and stick to it. It’s a good start.

Buy Books that Peak Their Interest

Your child might love to read fun fantasy stories more than dramatic books. Identify your child’s interest and encourage their reading habits by getting books that suit their interest and personality, and with time, they might want to expand their reading curiosity.

Reading isn’t a waste of time. Let your child develop the beautiful habit of reading by following these simple steps. Children are like plant seedlings; let’s water them!

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