In recent times spine and lower back pain that was thought to be older people’s problems have become an area of concern for kids. Despite the advancement in technology and the easy access that the internet offers for pupils who are looking for answers to their assignments, kids are hauling baggage around more than ever. Baggage, in this case, does not refer to the emotional burden of past or present traumas. Rather, the weighty schoolbooks, lunches, and bulging folders that are overstuffed in children’s book bags. As the children’s spines provide support for the weighty loads that are dumped into their book bags, choosing the wrong bag can be disadvantageous for kids.

Book bags are essential for school-goers, especially for kids who have to take notes and consult their textbooks in class. Kids are always hauling hefty bags around, and as a parent, it is your responsibility to choose a bag that offers the most comfort despite the overstuffing of the book bag. But while a messenger bag seems like the more preferred choice to a backpack (owing to its impressive carriage capacity and flexibility), it may not be the ideal bag for your kid. It is even possible that the messenger bag is hurting your child’s back or spine, which begs the question: are messenger bags harmful for kids? keep reading to find out.

Why You should consider a custom backpack for your kids

Messenger bags, as their name implies, were originally proposed for couriers who have to carry weighty parcels around all day; delivering parcels from door to door. Hence the characteristics rectangular shape of the messenger bag. Owing to the distinct shape of the messenger bag, dispatch riders can walk long distances with large parcels without squashing the bulging edges of the parcels. The fact that the messenger bag is worn at the front or side of the body also means that the carrier can access articles in the bag quicker than the conventional backpack.  

While a side worn book bag may imply easier and cushy carriage for adults, it may not be so easily enjoyed by kids. Unlike the adult couriers and dispatch riders, kids’ spines are still developing. Thus, a heavy side or front worn messenger bag can compromise their posture and harm their spice. As kids are always hauling hefty book bags around, it is ideal to get them a balanced and well-adjusted bag for an even distribution of weight.

Get a Custom made backpack

In terms of weight distribution, style, and aesthetics, backpacks are the ideal book bags for kids. With backpacks, children can haul their heavy schoolbooks and bulging folders around comfortably. Book bags make carriage even cushier for kids as they are designed to support hefty weight whilst tapering with the hollow of your back. In this way, kids can carry their book bags around through long distances and for long hours without exposing their spines to adverse effects.

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