Getting kids to focus and study some times can be stressful work to do. Studying might look like a big deal to them, as they may find it hard to understand certain things. Picking out and implementing good study habits for your kids, can improve their ease of understanding, help them study effectively, and in turn grades significantly. Let’s take a look at these studying habits for kids.

Conducive study environment

The environment in which a kid study is very important and related to the ability of the kid to retain what he/she has studied. To most parents, turning off the TV during homework or home study is the perfect environment for studying.. providing a quiet room or area with proper illumination and fee from all form of communication is the best. Also making the area a no Social Media or Gadget zone helps as well. Switching areas once in a while is also advised, to prevent getting the kid bored and improve retention.

Create a study plan

Getting things organized is key to good concentration. Create a schedule for your kid’s study time. when they study, when they do their homework and watch TV. A study plan helps keep them organized and also makes the job easier for you. The study plans can also include their exams schedule, so as to know when to increase their study time, and what to read during the study time.

Enforce break periods

Just like the popular phrase will always say, “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” Kids get tired during reading, some start feeling discomforts due to staying in a particular place for a long time, confusion or brain fatigue, all these decreases their ability to focus and understand what they are studying. Short breaks in between study are advised, at least once every 2 hours, depending on the strength and ability of your kid. Give them time to refuel their mental energy and flex their muscles in between studies.

Proper time management

Getting your kids to study or do their homework, sometimes is not all that is needed. The kid might end up feeling too relaxed and spending a longer time on a small piece of homework. Timers are advised in cases like this. Each study time should have a time with which it should be properly completed, it keeps the kid focused on the task and avoid distractions. Gifts can be attached to finishing according to the timer as motivation.

Ask for help

A very important part of learning for kids is asking questions. As they are still in the preliminary stages of learning, they might find it hard to think their way out of difficult situations during studying, encourage your kid to ask for help when he or she encounters a difficult situation during studying. Ask them questions too, to make sure they are getting things right.


You can also create little study groups for them amongst their age groups. Not everyone can naturally tutor a kid, in case you are finding it hard to enforce these habits, employing a tutor to help out with your kid’s educational activities is advised. 

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