Every elementary classroom teacher is in need of more resources in their classrooms, but there are a few essentials that are vital to making a classroom function. Below are a few things that your child’s classroom absolutely need. If you recognize that the classroom is missing some of these things, ask the PTO or take it upon yourself to help! Here’s a short list of items every elementary classroom should have.


Doe the classroom need more space? A Drawer Organizer Cart is a great way to accomplish this. They are often colorful, mobile, and don’t take up very much space for the amount of storage they offer.

Backpack Hangers

Backpacks are a necessity and can be a distraction for students. Backpack hangers get backpacks out of the way while also keeping them close by. Due to the compact nature of most classrooms, backpack hangers are an absolute must-have.


Puppets are a learning device that proves useful for grades K-5. There aren’t many devices that are useful for every grade in elementary school, but puppets truly are. They entertain kids and hold their attention to the point that children often want to use the puppets in their own learning and discovery. Every classroom should have these!

If you notice your local elementary school is missing any of these items, try to help! They will go a long way in supporting teachers and students in their pursuit of greater learning!

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