Tom Sherrington

Tom Sherrington

Tom is the Headteacher of Highbury Grove School and has spent 30 years
as a teacher and school leader. He is a founding trustee of the National
Baccalaureate Trust and writes a popular blog



Debating the Purpose of Education: a much-needed conversation or a distraction?


Do we know what the purpose of the education system in England is? What value would having a clear purpose bring to everyone involved? And is this just a conversation for educationalists and policy makers or should it be broader? This panel will bring together a range of perspectives from education, policy, business and the […]

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Great Teaching: Informed wisdom in the heat of everyday practice.


Great teachers have the ability to use their evidence-informed wisdom to maximise the impact of the multiple interactions that make up their lessons. What does this look like in the heat of everyday practice in a diverse comprehensive school?

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